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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Great-Grandmother by any other name

Flashback to family fishing vacation

Nana Diana posted a cute story about children combining words and it reminded me of something Granddaughter #1 said.

My mother lived a couple of hours away when my grandgirls were little so she didn't know the girls very well.  When Mother got sick she moved back to our area and I would take Granddaughter #1 to see her.

#1 was talking but it was a little hard to understand (at least to my hard of hearing ears).  I would tell her as we were driving to Mother's that we were going to see Grandmother Christine.  After a few trips she started talking about Machine.  Hahaha.  She somehow combined Grandmother and Christine and got Machine.  I thought it was kind of cute but I don't think Mother appreciated it.


  1. That's why Linkletter made a fortune. Kids say the darndest things.

  2. That is cute! When we went to visit my parents last year my oldest grandson, who was 2 at the time was trying to figure out who all the family was related. My brother lives with my parents. My father is Grandpa Fred to him and my brother's name Fritz. Bradley started calling my brother Grandpa Uncle Fritz since he knew that he was my brother and I am Grammie and he was his Daddy's Uncle. I thought he came up with a great name for my brother! :D

  3. That made me burst out laughing. So cute. We need to record all these things to tell their children.