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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A little Cat Excitement

Yesterday my neighbors cat climbed one of my trees.

Of all my trees, she picked the one with no branches reaching to another tree or the roof.  

You can barely see her in the top of the left hand tree.  
Now compare the distance from where she is sitting in the fork of the tree to the roof tops below her

My neighbor came over and we spent hours and hours trying to talk her down out of the tree.  I wanted to call the fire department but my neighbor thought she would come down on her own.  I said ok but if she is there tomorrow it is fire department time.  When I went to bed I left the front porch light on so she could see to get down.  I check again later on and she was still there.  

I was listening for the sound of firemen and big ladders when I woke this morning but no noise.  I jumped up and ran to look and she was down.  I haven't seen my neighbor yet today so I don't know what she knows about how the cat got down.  

It was one really worrisome day yesterday.  


  1. wow! silly cat! Cats have a perverse love for me; I think they know I'm extremely allergic to them. Glad this one figured it out and got down...but sorry he worried you all day.

  2. Good thing she has claws! No doubt she had to use them with great effort to inch her way back down. Beautiful cat!