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Thursday, April 23, 2015

How true is this?

Mimi at 247 Mulberry Lane had this cartoon on an older post.  I just love it.  I've really had to retrain myself not to save work outfits on Pinterest since I've retired. And don't even tell me you don't do Pinterest because I don't want to be the one to lead you down the path to addiction.

My retirement wardrobe consists of four nice shorts (chunked most of the old ones I wore around the house on weekends, but saved a couple for yard work), two pairs of mid-calf jean and four pairs of long jeans (everything with elastic waist of course).  I had shirts but donated the fancier work shirts then I bought four rayon short sleeve shirts for a nice casual, but not dressy, to run to the store, etc.

It will be a while before I go through the t-shirts I have on stock but if that hole in my lip gets any larger, stains may cause the majority to go by the wayside.

I kept one dress for weddings and funerals but would like to replace it with something less structured.  My body has gotten soft and wiggly and fitted clothes just don't look that great on me anymore.

I've still got way more shoes than I need and I have donated the ones that are less comfortable because I still wear one pair of my slides most days.  What I really hate is that I have to wear socks now all the time.  Oh, I do like socks, but not with slides/mules.  My feet, like my body, don't like the structure of a good pair of tennis shoes anymore.

After that little foot scare I had, the foot doctor told me the slides were perfect for protecting my foot (being diabetic, I now have to baby my feet) but to always wear socks.

Ok so now I feel like the old man wearing sandals and dress socks.  I complain to my friends and the say it doesn't matter, it doesn't look stupid, but I feel it sometimes.

Which circles back to the pinning clothes on Pinterest I don't need because I won't wear them in my current four pairs of shorts life.

Well, the truth is I have a lot more clothes than I've just admitted to - I should have said those are the clothes I actually wear.  I am planning to empty more items out of my drawers but first I have to fill up any empty drawer space with new items on Pinterest.  Vicious circle.


  1. oh good grief charlie brown!
    i already love this blog!!! LOLOLOL!
    i'm a minimalist. i have very few clothes. and even fewer shoes.
    and i think you're hilarious. and i think you are in very good company...
    listen... katherine hepburn in her later years... OUR years now... well ... SHE wore socks!!!
    i wear socks with sandals pretty much all year round. our winters aren't too bad. on really cold days i have sneakers.
    it's a fabulous way to live! i love being retired... for so many reasons... but the best is dressing the way i want to ALL the time!
    and now i'm going to browse through your blog. i promise not to write a book disguised as a comment each time!

  2. hahaha-sounds like you need to read my post today. Time to tidy/declutter! (and I'm sorry, I tried Pinterest but just didn't see the point, so I avoided addiction.) :)

  3. LOL... My 'wardrobe' consists of so few items, that it is rather amazing. -grin- But that's the way it's been, for a long time. And as they say, if it works, don't fix it. ,-)

    Same with shoes. At my "olden" age, I need tie shoes with a bit of a heel. Like 1 1/2".... So I have 'em in dark for winter and near white for summer. Soooooo stinkin' simple. -grin-

    Sure I'd love to have prettier shoes. But can't be steady, in them. so..... nope. simple. :-)