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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I went to a different library today.

I went to my library yesterday and today and it was closed both days because the air conditioning was out.  You know you're in Texas when business stops because the air is out.

I ran out of books to read, having read so much while I was sick.  I had two library books left but neither struck my fancy.  I did try reading both last night out of desperation but they weren't what I was "hungry" for.

So when my library was closed today, it was either buy a book or go to another library.  There is a library closer to my house than the one I go to, but the parking is not good, so I almost never go there.  I did today and lucked into a parking space.

I picked 6 or 7 books.  All fiction and most mysteries.  My reading habits vary.  I read fiction and non-fiction, but more often fiction.  Some days I want a cozy mystery, and occasionally a bloody murder like Patricia Cornwell.

I've been listening to a lot more of what I consider men's books like Clive Cussler.  I like the history or science they share.  I also like Randy Wayne White whose characters live in and on the Florida coast.  I've had a passion for beach settings way back to Travis McGee by John D. MacDonald.  David P. Wagner has a character I like, straddling an Arizona/Italy heritage and gives me an opportunity to read about crime solving with an American twist in Italy.  

You might note that I never write book reviews.  I'm terrible at it.  I'm always glad to share what I'm reading or what I like, but I can't seem to boil a book down to a couple of interesting paragraphs.  I admire those of you that can and I am so glad that you do because I order a lot of books online by what you are reading.

So today I have a book bag full and I can pick and choose to my hearts content. Isn't it amazing the little things that can expand your life and bring you joy.

What do you do that makes you happy and fulfilled?


  1. I'm a former branch manager of a library here in my little town and there were times it reached the upper 90's in our branch and I was never allowed to close. I finally did a fundraiser to buy a small air conditioner for my branch so that I, and my patrons, would not get heat stroke!

    1. Do you mean that you had no ac at all? Oh my. That's pushing it. I'm so glad you got the small unit - for your sake and the folks who love your library. Our large library system conserved money by reducing hours. That makes me sad but I've adjusted