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Thursday, April 2, 2015

I've been one sick puppy.

I've been one sick puppy.  I had the girls last Saturday and then they went home that evening.  I wasn't feeling great but I was really tired and that sometimes makes me ill.  Well Sunday morning, was the beginning of, and I'll spare you the details, the sickness but it wasn't until Tuesday noon that I could leave my house/the bathroom.  I had my next set of tests scheduled on Tuesday and I knew I couldn't sit through them but I wanted the doctor to take a look at me to see if I had food poisoning or a stomach bug.  I was also coming down with a serious cough that I thought was allergies initially but it got seriously bad.  I was to sick to answer the phone Tuesday so I crawled to the car and made it to the doctor's office only to find out the doctor was out sick and they had called me to cancel - and left a message - but I didn't check.  Worse part - I still had to pay parking.  I rescheduled for next Tuesday.  If I'm alive, I'll get my tests, if not, well, I'll save on parking.

I told you the kids live about an hour out of town.  They are coming in tonight to stay with my daughter at her new duplex.  All the kids love their Aunt and I'm sure the parents will try to get a little date time in also.  My house is 5-10 minutes away so I'll be running over if I can get this cough under control. I was really excited about the kids coming and we had lots of things planned like we do when we take a family vacation but I don't want anyone to go home with either of my bugs.

Oh well, not the Easter I planned but now that Granddaughter #1 is old enough to call me whenever she wants to come over, I know we'll have plenty of good times.

I hope each of you have a lovely Easter.  If you're lucky enough to have family or friends to be with, enjoy the day and the reason for the spirit.  If you are alone, relive other happy Easters, catch an inspiring show or a good book.  Alone does not mean unloved.  It means that the people you love and enjoy spending time with need to be somewhere else, not that they don't want to be with you.  We have to love our family and friends enough to let them fly when they need to and not make them feel guilty for neglecting us.

Be in love with your life and your life will give you love. 


  1. Oh I am so sorry that you are sick. A double batch of whatever.

    I usually feel that when one has an awful stay-in-bathroom effect, it is some sort of food poisoning. Much more easily gotten, than we think...

    Hope you get as much rest as possible. Even with family near by.

    Have a lovely weekend,


  2. Hey, Barbara! Sorry about your being overwhelmed by sickness! Since you wondered about food poisoning, you didn't eat any Bluebell ice cream recently, did you? I know there are some recalls on some of their products, I hope you get well quickly and get to spend a lot of time with the grands!

    Hope you get to have a Happy Easter!