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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Squirrel Making Noise

Kimberly at Nutbrown Cottage sent me this link to help identify that pitiful squawking I was hearing.  For all of you who voted that it was a squirrel sound, I think you were right.

I was all ready to play the tape when I heard the cries today but, of course, no cries.  So I'm just going with the belief that it was a squirrel.  Much better than worrying about a baby bird or injured bird.

When I get anal about something I often go to far.  I wouldn't say I went to far last night but I did listen and watch some of the most interesting animal videos on YouTube.

There are about 800,000 kinds of wolves and they all have a different call.  There were other animals I've never even heard of that were distantly related to other animals I have never seen.  And all that was not even counting the bird videos I didn't watch - except for the owls.

I'm sure we have owls down here but I've never heard one in my yard.  I don't think I would appreciate any kind of bird that preferred to make their noise at night, but it was very, very interesting.

All you Grans out there, watching animal sounds might be a fun adventure for a rainy afternoon.  Grand Daughter #1 loves to feed my birds and runs inside to tell me when one is in the yard.  Of course, all the noise she makes scares them off but I think this is something I'll save for one of those  "I don't have anything to do" afternoons.

I hear the little birds outside and its nice to have them back.  I did hear a male cardinal at the feeder the last two days when everyone else seemed to be missing. I wonder if male cardinals prefer solitary feeding.  I see the female cardinal come with the little birds but this is the first time I've seen the larger male in quite a while.

That's what I love about retirement.  You have time for the little things that you often miss or just don't have time to appreciate in the hurry, hurry world of work and parenthood.


  1. Testing out the no-reply blog posted by Kimberly at Nutbrown Cottage.

  2. I love to hear an owl hooting at night--although sometimes they can go on.

    In VT, crows roost in the line of trees along the field behind my house. Ahh, the sweet sound of birdsong in the morning--CAW! CAW!

    Cardinals are my favorite.

  3. I've been watching puppy and funny dog videos on youtube lately. LOL