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Friday, April 3, 2015

Will Somebody Please Come Over and Open the Dang Pill Package

I am really glad that manufacturers are taking tamper proof packaging seriously.  However, I can't open the Tylenol Extreme Cold packet of pills.  My eyes are watery, my nose is running and my chest is sore from coughing.  I'm straining to open the pill package.  I would get a knife out but you know what would happen.....

Never mind.  Success at last.  If these pills don't work really well, I may have to eliminate them from the medicine cabinet.  After all, pills you can't open won't get you well.

Just complaining...


  1. LOL!!!! And you have a perfect right to so complain!!!!

    Ding-dang safety tops!!!! They keep us out! And you know, I'll bet the ding-dang little kids, can get into them, easier than we can. -sigh- they have strong little hands. Where as our hands, are getting weaker, by the day. At least mine are.

    My husband (the pharmacist and woodworker) suggests you get a pair of pliers and keep them in the kitchen. They will do the trick! -chuckle-

    Get better, quickly!!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. You could probably open them just fine when you don't need them.

  3. Ah, allergy season. My husband had a hissy fit this morning because he couldn't get his allegra D out of it's packaging.

  4. Hoping you are on the mend now and have a lovely Easter. I always struggle with the toilet cleaner caps in the same way - so annoying.

  5. Oh, I HATE hard-to-open packaging! And it gets harder and harder the older I get. I just cut close to the pill with a scissors and get those suckers out. And I found out that most jars will open if you wedge a butter knife under the lid and push or twist it to release the pressure. Lid comes right off then. We gotta do what we gotta do, eh?