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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Houston Flooding

Houston is so flooded that if you run a red light the Coast Guard pulls you over.
 -- joke I read on facebook today--

I made it safely through the flooding.  The bayous and freeways near me look like this but I am just far enough away to miss any real problems.  I'll never again complain about my driveway which is at a pretty steep angle to the street.  I was parked high and dry.  I thought some water might get in the garage because it is lower in the backyard but I don't think it did.  I opened it up to look today and it smells pretty funky but I didn't see any damage in there.  I'll open the doors and pull out the boxes soon and make sure things are still dry.

I wanted to post the joke above because it is funny and I like to laugh when I can. However, I know there are people out there that have suffered terribly from this weather and I am truly so sorry for their loss. To them the flooding is not funny and please know I do not take your suffering lightly.


  1. Just reading about flooding...

    I am so glad that you are high and dry!

    But yes, you'd better get boxes out and check. Just don't hurt your back, while doing it!!!

    While doing this box checking, why not really look at the "stored stuff," and decide if you realllllllllllly neeeeed to keep all this stuff in boxes. If you haven't used them, in 6 months, do you realllly need to keep storing them??????

    Just sayin'... :-)

    1. Amen to emptying the garage. I'm not sure what is in there. About once a year I empty it out and I'm long overdue. Because of my small apartment things tend to pile up in there. But I'm going to fix that.

  2. It's just awful. I feel so sorry for everyone involved, and I hope the deluge ends soon, but I hear it's terrible right as I type this. My prayers go out to the entire area, and all areas similarly affected. :(

  3. What's really amazing is that two miles from me are parks, bayous and roads that are under, I guess, 12-20 feet of water. I'm counting my blessings.

  4. Counting your blessings with you, Barbara! Whew!