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Saturday, May 30, 2015

It is black as night and raining in Houston

I'm  sitting here in the dark listening to the lightning.  It sounds like it is striking in my front yard.  Just wave after wave of thunder.  A few flashes I see but I don't have to see them to know they are near.

I'm not very afraid of lightning.  I've never had any problem with it so to me its more about the sound.  And the sound is mighty right now.

I've turned off all the electricity except for two fan and I am using my lap top.  Is using the laptop ok if there is not electricity hooked up to it for the lightning to travel?

I have the door open because it is pretty hot.  In the 80s I'm sure, probably mid to high.

It was raining really hard and the wind was really blowing the trees before the lightning started so bad.  Then it was as if the rain and wind stopped while the lightning was so bad.  Now the rain is coming back and the lightning sounds like it is further away.  Whew!!

I don't know where the water will go.  The streets have drained from the last go round.  I don't know why some body doesn't figure out a way to scoop up flood water and carry it over to the lakes and rivers that are so dry.

Would it be contaminated water?  Something you wouldn't want to put on plants?

Well, I've tempted fate long enough.  Signing off.


  1. My sister is there too. I hope the weather clears up for you soon. xoxo Su

  2. Sorry to hear you're getting yet more rain, Barbara. When will it end for Texas??

  3. -sigh- Weird weather...

    Hope all was eventually well.

    and your high-up-ness protected you once again, from rising water.


  4. I have been seeing this on the news. The weather gods have surely gone insane.

  5. Just yesterday I was listening to NPR and they were doing interviews with some people who had been flooded out in Houston. So sad and scary. I hope you are able to stay safe.

  6. I wish we could funnel it to southern California...the rain water. :( Stay safe, sweetie.

  7. I hear the sun has come out in Texas, so I hope you're drying out.

  8. June 2nd

    Come on! Let's have a post here! I want to know that you are OK, after all that storm stuff.