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Thursday, June 4, 2015

An Afternoon at the Vets

I took Buddy to the Vets today to get his shots.  I knew Buddy had been putting on weight.  It just kind of snuck up on me - or should I say on him.

Anyway Buddy is two pounds overweight which, for a chihuahua, is quite a bit. (I'm a little more than two pounds overweight myself.)  I guess our almost daily walk is not enough for either of us.  Dang.

Everything else was fine and I got him chipped.  I've never had a dog chipped before.  He didn't even wince.  He is a sneaky little bugger and fast as lightning - for a fat dog - but at least I know he'll be protected if he gets lost.

I tried to take a picture but he said he didn't want any pictures until he lost a little weight.  Even dogs have their pride.


  1. I have heard of dog years, but dog pounds is a new one. Good luck, Buddy, with the diet and exercise.

  2. It kind of snuck up on him. Yes, isn't that the way it is, for all of us.... It kind of sneaks up on us. -sigh-

    But ya' know, I just read a wonnnnnderful post by NanaDiana, on FAT. It is wonderful. And I'm going to do one, myself.

    And then I came here.... And read about your doggie. Thing is, with a pet, it really does mean something,(extra weight) for his health. so we work on it.

    so does it mean the same, for our health? some extra weight? -sigh- I always say I need to lose weight, for my HEALTH.

    Oh what a multifaceted topic.... FAT.

    But I am going to do a post on it. how it's not fair to pick on people, for their weight.


  3. Oh, yeah. I can imagine minimal extra weight is rough on the little guy. My dogs (a pointer/pit and a black lab/shepherd) both have at least five pounds extra... mostly because I've not been able to walk them lately. *I* have at least five extra now, too. Okay, more like 20 extra. :-( Time to get back to walking, for the sake of ALL of us!

  4. Yeah, when Katie was about 2 pounds overweight, we BOTH stopped eating so many treats. It worked for both of us. Now we should be cutting those treats again. LOL

  5. Yes, that is my excuse too Buddy. I'm a low to the ground kind of gal, so those 2 Xtra lbs sure make me look fat. Yep, only 2 extra pounds that's it. :-)

  6. Our Cali (chihuahua we named Caliente) is also too chubb. Six pounds. :( We feed her only lean, no table scraps, 3 long walks a day...it's just the way she is. Adorable little porkers, aren't they? LOL

  7. Very sweet post, Barbara. Molly (my Boston) and I could both stand to lose weight. I'll think about it tomorrow! :)

  8. When our coon dog was rescued, he was skin and bones. Three years later and well, lets just say we had to cut back on the food. You'll be happy you got him chipped.