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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Results of the Hobby Test - Part 1

To start you take a test with 19 questions.  You pick from multiple choices of A, B and C.  Then you score your answers (I won't tell you anymore about scoring in case you decide to try it).  Your scores tells you your (personality) traits.  They have 19 personality traits that are used to pick hobbies that might interest you.

My strong traits:  independent, nurturing, patient
My weaker traits:  animal loving, dexterous, epicurean, meditative, meticulous, nature loving, outdoorsy, social
Some of the personality traits missing from my test results include: social, artsy, adventurous, and musical.  (What??)

--There are more traits that I have not listed since they didn't pertain to me. --

Back to the Process:  The Hobbies are listed alphabetically.  The hobby descriptions are generally 2 pages in length.  At the top of each hobby is a list of all 19 traits and the traits that this would appeal to are in bold.  You compare your traits to those bolded traits.  The more bold traits you have, the more interest you might have in that hobby.  Also the more traits you have the greater selection of hobbies you will have to pick from.  

So let's say my traits included social and outdoorsy.  Then I would search for hobbies that contained both those traits and that might be a strong match for me.

So the three star hobbies for me (remember I only have three traits) are limited:
*** Fish Keeping (True.  I absolutely love aquariums but I gave mine away when I moved into an upstairs apartment.  Ant farms are a subset of this and I've always wanted to do that.)
*** Ikebana (I've never really considered flower arranging.  With my small apartment I do not have enough surface spaces for vases. I will research this a little more and see if  there is a way to incorporate it in some way I have not thought of.)

Since my traits are so few, if I chose a hobby with two traits instead of three I get:
** African Violet Cultivation (a subset of this is growing Bromeliads which is just up my 1970s loving style)
** Drying Flowers (Always meant to do this too.)
** Entering Contests (computer) (I learned this from the last time I took the test and it has been an enduring hobby since then.)
** Knitting (which I already love and do but mainly in the winter.  I read a blog post where the blogger, like me, did not want to do anything elaborate so she, and now I, make scarves only.  I had a box of them last year and let family take their pick at Thanksgiving last year.  It was a big hit.)
** Knotting  (I have been interested in learning more about knotting for a long time.  I have some paracord which I have never used and I bought a beautiful book on the Japanese knotting but I forgot the name of the technique.  Maybe I need to find that book.)
** Origami (see next weeks post about this)
** Paint by Numbers (Since I'm not artsy I'm surprised about this but maybe even I could do it.  I'm definitely adding this to my to do list.)
** Urban Husbandry (I guess this is where the three bird feeders I struggle to keep filled come in to play. I have thought about a chicken for my yard but there would be a "mess" to deal with.  So not sure.  I've also wanted to raise worms.  I don't know what has stopped me except I just never started.)
** Vegetable & Herb Garden (I have often wished my flower beds were food gardens but between my knees and back, it is just not to be anymore.  Maybe I could try container food gardening.  I have seen some posts of that.)

Now here are some two trait hobbies that are not quite right for me:
-Basketry (It seems like that should appeal to me but it just doesn't.  Except maybe the ones made from fabric.)
-Collecting (No longer have the room in my apartment.)
-Fly Tying (I actually think that would be neat but I don't even fish.)
-Lego Building (that would be fun with grandsons but again, I don't have the space to dedicate.)
-Model Railroad/Aircraft/Ships (Just no real interest.)
-Needlework (I used to do a lot of this and it might be something I take up again if and when I have my eye surgery.  It is hard to cross-stitch with a cataract.)
-Seed trading (My Dad always collected and saved his seeds.  His flower beds always looked like a wild pasture with glorious blooms of all types blowing in the wind.  I have enough trouble just trying to keep my plants alive in the limited sunshine in my yard.  Just too much trouble, but sounds fun.)
-Whittling (Sounds interesting but I'm smart enough to know that there would be too much blood involved if I tried.)

That is the end of this post, Part 1.  I'll have a little more info in Part 2, probably on Monday because I'm still waiting on the part for my car to come in and I want that DOOR HANDLE FIXED.  I thinking positive that it will be tomorrow.


  1. Link to the test? Interesting, and I'd love to try this!

    1. I tried to find an online link to the book or author but I couldn't find anything good to share. Even Tina's web site doesn't really go into detail. Further research might yield something, but I just decided it was easier to buy the book - used from Amazon. I like little tests that give insight. I did think this was particularly strange in its questions and answers. I'd like to know the results and thoughts from someone else.

  2. I really want to try this too. I am addicted to these kinds of tests. Maybe that is my hobby.

    1. I found it was well worth the $4.00 used book price w/shipping. I really hate to buy books because of my limited storage but I searched the library and the used book stores and couldn't find it. So I had to buy it. My life has gotten small since retirement and I didn't want to let it get too simple and boring. I just wish I had more interests show up on the test.

  3. This sounds like fun, but ai don't have time for these tests anymore. Besides if I don't now who I am by now, I give up. Thanks all the same Barbara.

    PS. The animal thing is right for me too.

    1. I'm glad that you are still blowing and going, as they say. You might not need more stimulation but if you do, you can always resort to tests then. I always felt like there was not enough time to do everything on my list but retirement has finally let me have all have all the time I wanted to piddle around with new ideas. Hence, the time for new hobbies. That is what is so great about life. So many different people with so many interests.

  4. I agree with Gwen - no link so we can see what we should do? like I have the time.

    1. Sorry, but I couldn't find anything online of any worth to share. The book is not that old so I'm surprised I'm headed to Hobby Lobby in a minute. I try to stay away from those places but I thought I'd just see what jumped out at me. I ordered one of those TV headphones after your headphone post but I haven't got it working yet. Guess I'll resort to reading the directions.