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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Storm Preparations - Again

Well you probably heard that the tropical storm is headed my way (Houston, TX).

Yesterday I had to take my old Boss to the doctor and it was raining buckets and I thought it was here.  It cleared up in the afternoon but I though Mother Nature was just playing tricks on me so I didn't go to the store to stock up.  Today it has only been lightly raining so I decided to make a quick trip to the store.

I needed batteries and I thought Kroger might be out so I went to Walmart.  Ha. The row was completely empty. They were out of flashlights and batteries except for a couple of outrageously priced items.  Walmart had plenty of water so I bought the largest flat of bottled water I could carry.  I also stocked up on toilet paper.  And two double boxes of Pop-Tarts.  I simply couldn't face tuna or cold ravolies as my food source if the power went out.  I meant to buy crackers but I forgot,

I just stocked the ice box on Monday with frozen meals and sandwich items.   So, if I lose power, there will be no cooking frozen meals.  I think the cheese and lunch meat will get me through for a day or two if I don't open the door very often.

The main thing I needed was coffee.  I only had enough on hand for a day or two but flood water could prevent me from driving anywhere when I run out.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to invest in two things to be prepared for these storms.  First a battery powered coffee pot.  Second a battery powered fan.

Oh, and I washed all my underwear.  I don't want to be without clean underwear if the power goes off or the water supply get contaminated and we can't bathe.

I'm not really expecting the worst but I'm moderately prepared.



  1. yikes! :(

    hope it's not as bad as you are preparing for. What's the longest you've ever gone without power?

    1. Three weeks was the longest my power was out. That was the last hurricane that settled in here. There was another 10-15 years ago that took out my power for a week but we jumped in the car and headed to friends in Louisiana for a week and it was just back up when we got home. We've all seen the terrible things a bad storm can do. I never really think that will happen to me, but that is what the fools on television that are sitting in trees to survive always say. So better safe than sorry.

  2. We suffer periodic power outages as well. After Sandy (a record 9 days for our neighborhood) a lot of people installed their own gas or propane--powered generators. We didn't. We figured if we have to go to a motel 2 or 3 days a year, it cheaper (and more fun) than buying a generator. Anyway, good luck with the next storm . . . I know being without power is the pits.

    1. The year my power was out for 3 weeks we tried to go to a hotel but because a lot of them did not have power, they couldn't take anyone in. :{ It was crazy.

  3. I hate when the power goes out and it always takes me so long to "get it." I am reading and the lights go out so I think oh well, I'll just go watch tv. When I realize the tv is also out I decide to put in that load of laundry. Duh! Eventually it sinks in and with luck the power comes back on.

  4. we depend so on electric power.
    my longest outtage here was during an ice storm in the winter. i stayed in my house... couldn't get out of my driveway. an ice rink.
    on the 7th day my thermostat said 39 degrees. i thought... i'm going to be one of those little old people they find frozen and tell about on the news! i was about to leave and just take my chances when the light flickered and it all came back on!
    you are smart to stock up. as many tornadoes as we get here... i still do not have a 'ready kit.' how silly. and i live upstairs! so the only answer ever is to evacuate.
    you're not one of those crazy people who just drive out into it and then need to be rescued. we see so much of that here. no need.
    there's ALWAYS time to evacuate! they talk about it for hours before it gets that bad! but there they are ... up to their windows in it!
    i hope you'll be safe. i'll be thinking about you and watching the weather channel!