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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The strangest thing happened

Nissan Versa

Well yesterday I went to run my errands and the strangest thing happened.

I had gone to check on a friend's house that was out of town.  I went in, checked everything and came back out to my car.  I grabbed the door handle and it pulled out in my hand!  How crazy is that.  The whole handle.  In my hand.

This would be bad enough for a normal car but my car is some kind of strange base model.  I have only one keyhole to unlock my car.  That means that I get in and reach across to unlock the passenger side door if someone is riding with me. No push button door unlock.  No remote lock or unlock.

Since I am usually the only one in my car it doesn't really cause a problem until the grandkids come to town.  That is so rare that it doesn't feel like that big of a problem.

However, when the one lock doesn't work and you don't have another keyhole to use and all your doors are locked what do you do.  Call AAA?  Great if you didn't let your membership expire.

So just in case, I walked around trying all the doors.  Remember I took my old boss to the doctor a couple of days ago.  Well apparently I did not check to make sure his door was locked afterwards as I usually do.

So luckily I climbed in and over and found the door worked perfectly with the handle inside.  I drove straight to the repair shop.  They said it's more common than you think.

They are ordering the part and I will take it back when the part comes in and wait for an hour and half while they repair it.

Ha.  That was one scary moment.  


  1. Cars are a nightmare in my book.

  2. I'm sorry to laugh - but that was funny.Once when I lived up north in the tundra at the young age of 22 I went to open my door on a very very cold snowy day and it was frozen shut.I was on my way to work and couldn't get inside my car. We tried matches and a lighter and all kinds of things - nada. My handle coming off in my hand would have at least been able to prove something happened. My boss didn't believe me when I was late. :-)

  3. Wow. That seems like a thing that should not happen.

  4. Yikes!!!!!! Not something you'd want to happen again, hu?

    If this happens quite often, does the car maker, have a solution to it?????? Of some sort? I'd think they ought to.

  5. yikes, that was a close call! We don't have triple A, but we have roadside with our car insurer.

  6. everything seems made of plastic today.
    once while driving... my rear view mirror simply fell off onto the floor!
    but having the handle just come off in your hand!!!! WOW.
    i hate ANY kind of car trouble. i'm afraid i take my car for granted.
    i won't anymore! but it's so wonderful when it works well.