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Friday, July 17, 2015

It is just too darn hot.

I've been busy with yard chores lately.  I've had to move all of the plants again. It seems like only yesterday I pulled them out into areas of the yard so they could get enough sun to bloom.  Now I'm pulling them back because they are baking and I cannot keep the soil in the pots watered enough to make them happy.

Doing yard work used to be a labor of love.  Now it's just a chore I try to do as quickly as possible.  Was I really the kid that stayed outside all day during summer vacation?  I have definitely lost that ability.

Poor Buddy is complaining constantly about missing our regular walks.  He has the stamina to continue making them, but he does not care to spend the afternoons exploring in his own yard like he used to do.

And no, I have no intention of cleaning up with the leaf blower until it's 50 Degrees again.


  1. Luckily, we've had a couple of those purrrrrrrrfect days... Sunny, clear, cool at night. Like they could continue till Sept. and we would be so happy. -grin-

    Mmmmmmm.... Another blogger who is *complaining* about not being able to do something, they used to be able to do. Mmmmmmmm.... Come on Hon. We are older. It's normal to not be able to do, what we once could do. It's normal. Not fun. But still normal.

    If we could do all that we could do, when younger, *somebody* would come and take us away, and do experiments on us. To find out WHY!!!! Ever think of that??????? Doesn't that make your less-spunk, sound good again??????? -gigggles-


    1. They're coming to take me away haha... Remember that song. Can't remember the rest of the lines.

  2. I gave the gardens a good mulch this year and it has helped with the weeding. Not eliminated weeding, mind you, but helped.

  3. I keep the wood bark small and heavy. Helps with weeds. And I pick a dozen or so every weekend. I don't wait a few weeks or it gets bad fast.

  4. AMEN.
    on the heat. and the high humidity. just shoot me.
    but then.
    when autumn finally comes... last year after thanksgiving ...
    i was glad nobody had shot me!
    just summer here. i've quit trying to bloom where i'm planted. i'm simply trying to survive. :)

  5. Sounds like life around here. We cut down 4-foot poke weed plants yesterday. Today we are pooped! Poor dogs....

  6. Awwww..... Buddy is so cute! I sure hope it cools down soon for us both. This heat is draining.