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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Looks like it might be a week of good shares

This post was such a feel good for me.  I thought you might enjoy You don't bring me Flowers Anymore.  It's about more than flowers In Carol's World.  I think you'll like it.

This is another Wordpress blog but you don't need to worry about commenting because apparently it is an abandoned blog with this post from 2010.  


  1. Wondering if I am the only one, who can't comment on WordPress blogs????????

    My issue is... I once made a WordPress blog, to try it out.... It didn't work out, and I kept blogging on Blogger....

    But WordPress still "recognizes" me., when I try to comment there now... And in order to comment, I have to give WP my old and now-forgotten information. Yish!!! I don't remember that stuff! It was a while ago. I am old! Come on!!!!

    Anyway, I have told people, who have lovely WP blogs, that I can;'t comment. -pout- And have now given up.

    I suppose, that af anyone had never had a WP blog, and had never thus given WP information, they can comment there, somehow.

    Rambling again! Get off line, Tessa! -grin-

    1. mine is word press and you've always commented on it! and i love your comments!
      wonder why it works on mine but not others? very strange.
      i hate word press actually. but i've heard horror stories about blogger too... so will stick with what i know i guess. for now anyway.

  2. That is so weird. I wonder if you can email or call those people at Wordpress. Doesn't it always link back to your email address when all else fails? Worth a try if you have a day to waste!

    1. FORGET calling or emailing for help with word press.
      they have tons of people who do nothing but UPDATE the way you do things...
      CONSTANTLY fixing and changing things that are not even broken.
      as to helping you... forget it.
      am i bitter? LOLOL

  3. It's sad she gave up. She showed talent as a writer.