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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Not So Important Post

Granddaughter #2 out on the lake

Whoa.  Having all three grandkids around was quite tiring.  I'm feeling a little more peppy today but still feeling like I need a nap.  What a wuss I am.  

Need to straighten the backyard up but it is way too hot.  May stay the same until October when it begins to cool a little in Texas.  Granddaughter #1 loves to play out there but I have to spray her down with Off because the bugs love her.  I really hate that stuff and never put it on myself.  Anybody know of anything more natural?  I remember that once upon a time the Avon handcream was said to keep them off but I never tried it so don't know if it is true.

I cleaned out my wallet and purse today.  Sounds easy right?  Not so.  I carry a fairly small crossover/shoulder style soft leather bag.  It is just big enough for a wallet and a couple of breakfast bars if I know I will be gone all day.   

In the old days (before retirement) I used this purse as my shopping purse.  When I was off to serious shop I would just take my wallet and drop it in the bag and then be off.  Since I retired I use it full time.  I no longer carry goodness knows what that used to fill my big purses.  I no longer change purses nor do I have a large selection anymore.  That last new purse I bought is still unused hanging in the closet.  Therefore, I try not to buy purses at all anymore.  

My wallet is getting a little beat up and peeling.  I will probably invest in a new one - maybe the after Christmas sales.  Because my wallet is wearing out and I'm not ready to purchase a new one, I try to keep the things I stuff in it to a minimum.  Today I removed several business cards.  Several receipts, one of which I kept in my receipt box and the rest were destroyed.  I also removed all the change.  I usually put any change I am given in the pocket in the car door handle so it is there when I need it.  I buy a lot of Jack In the Box Big Texas Cheeseburgers which are $1.50 so those quarters come in handy.  

I don't know what they call the Big Texas Cheeseburgers in other states but it is a cross between a regular burger and a child's burger.  A better size than a big burger and more filling than a child's.  

Anyway all the receipts, gum wrappers, half-melted breakfast bars, 2 lip glosses, several pens, tissues (new and old), and coupons are now removed from my purse and/or wallet and it is feeling light as a cloud.  

No great accomplishment but I feeling rather please with myself.  


  1. your granddaughter is precious. but i'm sure, she can make nana do a run-around. ,-))))

    good for you. clean out your purse.

    i haven't carried a _real_ purse in years. you know, those big ones which look as if they weigh a ton and have everything in them. nope. nope. nope. just the bare essentials. :-)

    do not go out in the heat!!!!!!!!!

    tessa sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

  2. Your granddaughter is adorable! Skin so soft is the name of the Avon stuff you referred to. It never worked for me. I have tried everything from Bounce dryer sheets to the Avon. Bug spray like deeps woods usually works the best for me but even then I get bit while everyone else is just fine. My husband tells people to sit by me because all the bugs bother me and will leave them alone. Nice huh?
    And just so you know, cleanings ones purse is a major accomplishment so you deserve that nap Barbara.

  3. There's nothing more important than your grandchildren!

  4. Several things:

    1. I think Off now comes as a clip on, so no actual bug spray poison has to go on the human skin. It just emits an aura around the wearer.
    2. it was Skin so Soft by Avon. and worked like a charm.
    3. I have several wallets I need to sell, but for you, I would love to simply gift one to you. Let me know your favorite colors, how big or small, and I'll see what I have. You can email me to handle it privately. It would be my pleasure. :)

  5. p.s. some are Vera Bradley patterned wallets, some not. Again, just let me know color, style you like, and we'll see what I have. :)

  6. And so you should, in being able to do ANYTHING after having had 3 kids around. We are past the age when this is just an anodyne task ! And by the way, that granddaugher of yours is a stunner, she'll turn many many heads when she grows up ! Kisses from France ! xoxo

  7. she is simply beautiful!
    and she is also pure ENERGY! LOLOL! which we are not. i'm always worn out from jacob's visits... but i love it!
    and ...
    i too quit carrying a large purse. i never carried a huge one. but i just got sick of it.
    now i carry a little cherry red clutch. most people would call it a wallet to keep in purse i guess.
    but it has two zippered compartments. one in which i keep cash. the other holds my driving license... med insurance card...
    debit card... and a card with all my emergency numbers and med allergies on it... and one showing my heart stent location...
    and that's IT! like you say... it's SO FREEING! i love it. and the cherry red is a happy color and not easy to overlook.
    i haven't forgotten it yet. and i never have to worry of where to "hang my purse" or set it on the floor. it just sits right beside me on the table when we eat out. oh... i only have my house key and car key on my key ring so they fit into it too!
    you will LOVE carrying less. xoxo

  8. Not so important post??!!! LOL, Nothing is more important than family. What a precious little granddaughter! IMHO, cleaning out a purse is a chore worthy of a follow-up nap! I quit carrying a big ol' purse when I started having shoulder pain and I haven't missed any of the items I used to haul around. My purse contains a paperback book, a small wallet and my keys.