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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Secrets of Productive People

I saw a post on Pop Sugar and that really spoke to me.  I've been thinking of simplifying my life.  Nothing big.  Not like taking everything out of the closet and only loading three items back in. (Metaphor for dropping everything I do and completely rebuilding my life.)  This article 7 Secrets of Incredibly Productive People may sound like gearing up but I heard simplify when reading each suggestion.

Source: Pop Sugar

Instead of clean the backyard, I need to pick a chore, i.e., straighten up GD #1's toys or find a new place to keep empty pots so they won't show.

Instead of clean the kitchen from top to bottom, I need to organize the pots and pans so they stack neater and can be retrieved easier.

I think with all the malaise from the heat I'm feeling, I just can't accomplish anything big so I'm going to think smaller, simpler increments of anything I need to get done - even walking Buddy.  A walk to the corner and back instead of a mile around the neighborhood will at least keep him satisfied until I can get cooler weather motivated again. 


  1. This actually makes sense to me.
    And the heat is so oppressive that it does limit what I do. But then the 2 ft of snow and below freezing temps do the same. Perhaps I'm just lazy. :-)

  2. something happens to our personal thermostats when we're older!
    i am getting to the stage that if i'm out in the horrendous heat too long it actually makes me sick.
    i can't believe i used to be one of those who could lie by the pool and bake! NO MORE!
    it's so hot here that even the cold water tap has luke warm water. UGH!!! :)
    i like your post here. very inspiring.
    YOU are very inspiring. :)