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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life Can be So Pleasing

I've spent so much time complaining about the heat and how awful my yard looks and yada, yada, yada, that I wanted to share this.  A friend I haven't seen in months came by yesterday.  When she was leaving she said "Your yard looks so beautiful. I would never move." (She knows this is a rental.)  I almost blushed with pride.  If it looks this good now, it must really look good when the weather is not in triple digits.  (Really it is only double digits but it feels like triple.) Anyway the compliment meant so much to me.  Dang.  Didn't know I identified with my yard so much!

Second pleasing thing.  Got a call from my Grandson today.  Of course he wanted something.  He is a teenager after all.

I remember shared times with my grandmother with such fond memories.  I remember wanting to spend the night at her house as a young girl.  I remember not seeing much of her from my teens to motherhood.  I remember visits to her house with my children.  I remember being her go to person if she needed to go anywhere when she got older.  I remember all those stages so I don't take it personally that the Grandson has a busy teenager life.  I'm sure he'll be back in the end just like I was for my Grandmother.

However, what he needs is to go get his Learners Permit from the DMV.  Last time I was there, because I had to renew my license in person, I sat for 3 hours before they got to my number.  You can imagine the number of people in a city the size of Houston.  And, besides the local residents, you can imagine how many international residents there are trying to get their license too.  So much paperwork as I understand it.  Anyway, I'm not looking forward to this trip, but it is another memory for my mental scrapbook, and then my son, the Dad, will owe me one!

Ought to be an exciting day.


  1. That's sweet he wants you to go with him. :)

  2. Sounds like a worthwhile trip ... but it might be better to take a drive out to a DMV office the suburbs?

  3. ohmygosh... that baby foot on the left there... oh.. such a kissable little foot! :)
    and yes... they do leave our orbit and go off on their own.. and then come back! but that he called YOU to go with him...
    that's pretty much an honor right there i think!
    it's triple digit here too because of the soaring humidity. we used to think about you and feel sorry for your HUMIDITY there in houston... and now we MATCH IT! every summer now. wow. do we ever. you can have it back any time! LOLOL! xoxo

  4. Aren't grandchildren the best. My twin granddaughters are 11 and they still like hanging out with me though I'm starting to see them pull away a bit. I'm prepared for it though. I love that your grandson wanted you to go with him to DMV. Very sweet.

  5. Read yourost earlier this week and thought I left a comment, but I guess not. Yes, children leave home. My daughter's four girls are all out in the world doing their thing. Two of them bought cars, and I expect another one will soon as she begins teaching this fall.

  6. Hi Barbara. Let me know if my comments reach you..please!