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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thinking about Vacations

I'm so jealous of all you vacationers and pool owners.  Seems like everyone has gotten to dip their toes and relax their minds this summer but me.  Well, if it can't be me, I'm glad it's you.  Hope your vacation has been or will be the greatest.


  1. Have pool.... Don't use it..... He and 'grands' do though......

    I never learned to swim....... Grew up way back in polio era.... they thought you could contract it, swimming...... my father was in state police and he contracted a slight case of it, in his duties...... I was only child so parents kept me "in a glass bubble." part of which, was no going swimming with other kids. -sigh-

    NO vacations for us!!!! we don't drive, only around town, since his eyesight went south.

    so basically, I am in the same "boat" as you are. no swimming and no vacationing. Join the club!!!! -grin-

  2. That is very interesting. I never heard about contacting it through swimming. You should share a post about that.

  3. I would have loved having a pool to float around in today, but I worked in my garden instead and now will take a shower to cool off.