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Friday, August 7, 2015

Be Careful What You Volunteer For

Hey Fellow Bloggers.  I've been lost in the world of Grandchildren for weeks, months or years, I'm not sure wish.  Took Grandson to driving class for two weeks.  Now he we have two weeks of in-car driving and I'm doing that twice a week until school starts and then Mom and Dad have to take over.  Remember Son and Family live in a city about an hour away.  The driving school is about halfway between us.  So to help out, forgot to mention Son's car is in the shop, I volunteered to keep Grandson in town and drive back and forth to driving class. This also includes a 2-hour wait while he is in class.  Luckily it is a Sears driving class and the classroom is near the furniture section so I take a book and count my blessings.

During that same period Granddaughter #1 got her feelings hurt that he was getting to spend so much time with me.  So for nearly a week Grandson stayed with my Daughter, the Aunt, so Granddaughter #1 could stay with me.  We had a wonderful visit and she went back home on Tuesday.

Oh, and last week I found a house near the driving school that my daughter and I are looking into buying.  Haven't been inside it yet so nothing definite.  Also think it is overpriced so that will be another hurdle.  But who knows.  I'll let you know.

Here's a little cartoon to keep you entertained until this is all over.

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  1. hahaha-funny photo. Sorry you are over-inundated with Grandkids. I have the opposite problem...not enough. But I got to see all 3 yesterday, and will have the oldest for 2 nights this coming weekend, so I'm excited about that. :)