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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Finding the Magic in Life

I saw this on my friend's blog and just had to share it.  I'm so visual and it gave me such a thrill to view.  I looked into the bubble and knew that this is just what I have been trying to live in my retirement lifestyle.  A small magical life.  


  1. Glad it touched your soul too, Barbara. I've a big smile on my face. :)

  2. and i as well barbara and kailani.
    just to be alive and reasonably well!!! for me that's magic right there! :)
    there is such joy in the small things of life.
    and the image is one i fell in love with too! lovely to see it again here. xo

  3. Ohhh yes!!! Find all the magical and whimsical one can!!!! That is my motto.

    Why not? What possible drawback can there be, to magical and whimsical????

    And of late, I am loving books, which fit into the category of magical realism. :-)))))) Like the one I am enjoying now.... "First Frost".... I love, love, love books by this author.

    But if you are going to look for her books, please get "Garden Spells" out of the library first. The first book, in The Waverly Family set. Delicious!!!!!


  4. Thanks Tessa. I ordered Garden Spells from the library. Sounds good. Just what I need for these hot summer days.

  5. Lovely sentiment. Lets blow bubbles.

  6. I'm afraid I can't ever let go long enough to feel real magic and yet I am very enthusiastic. Maybe I do after all ... A great thought to ponder upon.... !

  7. I aim to live a magical, whimsical life, but lately we have been grounded in too much reality. Thanks for the reminder to find the magical moments where I can.