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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I cut the Cable - and I'm still shaking

I did it.  I took the DVR box back today.  I still have internet and a land line.  They were supposed to cut off the land line too but I can always call back later and get that taken care of.

I told you I recently updated to a Nokia Lumia 900 which is an older issue of this phone which runs on Windows.  It has phone, texting and email if I need it.  I have logged on quite a bit of time just learning how to use it and moving all my pictures & info to a spot I can find them.  Since I bought it used off Ebay and it was such a great low price, I am happy with it.  However, as Windows rolls out version 10, I don't know how it will affect my phone.  Guess I'll find out.

Back to the land line.  I decided to keep the land line for a month or two while we are dealing with realtors and the bank on the possible new-old home purchase.  I felt like the land line made me seem more responsible.  Hahaha.  I know.  Old school thinking.  Well I can only move forward so fast.

I saw this cartoon and thought it was so me when the Granddaughter is over.

Oh and I did buy the Amazon Fire stick but I haven't tried it out yet.  Report on that later.


  1. You are a brave woman! I think about that, but have not quite made the move. I have to have a land line though--no cell service hole right over my house.

  2. We got rid of our land line(s) (one was for fax) about 4-5 years ago, and we haven't missed it for a second. Nor all the junk phone calls or the political calls. :)

  3. AHA! i just found the post i had missed somehow. the one where you and your daughter might buy a house!
    now this post makes sense all of a sudden. LOL.
    i have a land line. i'm a dinosaur. can't help it. don't like talking on the cell phone. and even it's an old flip top! LOLOL.
    now cable.
    it comes here with my rent. can you believe that? i told the marine "i get free cable with my rent!"
    he drily replied... "oh tam. you're paying for it. trust me."
    LOLOL. true. but it feels free since i don't see the bill for it. :)
    i only watch mostly PBS anyway... and TCM for the classic movies i love. other than that the thing sits there dark.
    i'm excited for your move. i'll hold good thoughts for you! ♥

  4. So you no longer have cable television or satellite television? No tv? Hmm...I couldn't do that.
    I got rid of my land line and it was scary for some reason at first. But now that's it has been a few years I see I had nothing to fear.
    I do have a land line in our home office so our business is still a land line. But our home is only a couple of cell phones.
    TVi couldn't live without Barbara. God Love ya.

  5. You are braver than me with all that equipment. Moving is a chore. Keep us posted.