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Thursday, August 13, 2015

More about cutting the Cable Cord

I guess I was so shaken up that I really had turned in my DVR that I didn't give you the whole story.  I've been mentally preparing to cut the cable for years.  The last TV I bought, a Vizio, is a smart TV.  It picks up Wifi and has a bunch of plug outlets in the back of the TV for more things than I know how to work. Still its taken me three years to actually cut the cord. 

I do subscribe to Netflix streaming and I also get movies on Amazon with my Prime subscription.  Now Amazon has a few movies that Netflix doesn't (and vice versa) but my preference has always been for Netflix.  

However, I recently bought an Amazon Fire Stick on a great sale.  The Fire Stick makes using Amazon user friendly which was part of the reason I preferred Netflix.  Now that I have the stick I get why.  Amazon really wants you to buy the Fire Stick and then you get a screen that becomes user friendly, similar to Netflix.  

Last night I watched 3/4ths of Twin Peaks.  I had forgotten how good Kyle MacLachlan was.  In fact I've really forgotten the whole program.  I'm sure I watched it back when but it's like new because I've forgotten so much.  

So even though I cut the cord, I am not without TV.  I haven't even begun to explore Hulu which is also on my TV or the TV channels that you can get on your computer.  My grandson watches Big Brother on his phone the day after it airs so maybe I can get the few TV favorites I have like that - but computer not cell.

I've also got a list of sites you can sign up for at a decent price if I can find where I saved it on Pinterest.  If I remember correctly, it had one for BBC.  I do love the British programs. I'm guessing I can get PBS on my computer if I can't figure out how to get it on the TV.

Oh my goodness.  A whole new world I've been forced to discover just because Cable wants me to pay for 350 channels of which I only watched 5.  Well I guess I showed them or will we find out they showed me?  Time will tell.


  1. This is exactly hat I was wondering about doing. Keep us posted. I may follow in your footsteps, O, Pioneer!

  2. a friend of mine read or heard in a newscast...
    that soon tv will no longer be the way it is now for anybody. i asked her for details and she couldn't remember!
    she just said... 'it said get ready for major changes in how you watch television!' or DON'T watch it???
    maybe everybody will be watching tv on their phones an computers.
    the marine has netflix and enjoys it very much. i would love to have bbc but don't. i just have the basics.
    i'm like olga.
    very interested. keep us posted as to how you like it!!!

  3. I loved Twin Peaks. Does it hold up after all this time? There's a new show called Wayward Pines, starring Matt Dillon, that's billed as the next Twin Peaks. But I watched a cpl of episodes, and it just didn't do it for me.

  4. You. Are. My. Hero.

    You did it! You cut the cord. And more! You are learning all the tricky ways, to get what you want, without the cable cord.

    It is so furioius-making, to pay for all the stuff, you don't watch!

    But we are kind of tied here. With our cable package, we also have our internet connection, and our land line phone, and our security system. So....... They kind of have us over a barrel. If we cut... We would have to go through all the weird steps, to get the land line (no we don't have fancy phones), and the Internet and the Security.

    -sigh- So while I applaud you. I am stuck.

    But hooooray for you!!!!


  5. I couldn't do this. good for you. i watch too much tv. I don't have cable and haven't for 16 yrs but I have dish network. Pay for what you use kind of thing. I love it and wouldn't leave. I haven't purchased hulu or others that I see you buy. Amazon I have through my prime membership and it's good to know that it's only awful and un-user friendly because I don't have this stick. netflix i bought and use a lot. But overall, I watch a lot of hgtv, food network and a FX, USA and a slew of other channels that sure would be missed. I applaud you!

  6. We still enjoy too many network shows, and don't get the same comraderie with each other watch on our computers, so we still with cable. We are switching from Uverse (which we HATE) back to DirecTV by the end of the month. And we had to return 2 Fire Sticks. They just didn't work, or work for us. We still use Netflix, which we love, and I won't pay additionally for Hulu too. That's just me. But yay you for doing so!

  7. Thanks for all the technical stuff. Yes I watch 4-5 channels most of the time and pay big bucks. Pooh!

  8. We haven't had TV for 12 years and don't miss it a bit. We do, however, watch something from Netflix (streaming) almost every day. When we travel and click through all the channels available on the hotel room's TV, we are always struck by the fact that we don't really want to watch any of it! Cutting the cord has been good for us: we read more.

  9. If it were just me, I would have no TV. My daughter pays for cable in Paris and R. pays for it at the beach so I don't feel too bad. I had never thought of the : pay for a zillion channels and then find nothing to watch but it's true ! You can get the BBC on Filmon.TV on your computer; I agree with you, it's the best !