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Monday, September 21, 2015

A Share about Changes to Certain Credit Cards

Sometimes I feel like I'm in Junior High when I'm sharing a post. This share goes something like this: Meryl at Six Decades and Counting .... Life Reinvented said that Rita said on The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide that Credit Card Issuers are Cutting Back Benefits.

I thought it might be an indication of things to come.  Luckily I don't have any of these cards, but it tells me I'd better pay attention to notices from the cards I do have,


  1. thanks for sharing. Nothing stays the same.

  2. Thank you for sharing any such changes info, you find.

  3. Thank you for the heads up. Luckily I do not have any of these cards but will be watching closely on the ones I do have.

  4. September 22

    Happy Autumn Equinox Eve!

    Gentle hugs,

  5. i have only one i keep for emergencies.
    and it's not on any of these lists.
    but NOW because of your post... i will start reading all that extra stuff they send each month!
    i had been just recycling it immediately without even looking at it.

  6. What a great reminder to read those seemingly annoying notices about credit cards - they are telling us what we are actually paying out.