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Friday, September 4, 2015

The Problems Associated with Old Age Will Come to Everyone - if you are lucky

There is a post on Sixty & Me that I want to recommend.  Whether you are way under 60 or way over 60, this will apply to you now or later.   6 Lessons My Mother Taught Me About (Not) Aging Well.

I am guilty on several levels.  If I did not walk Buddy or work in my yard I would not get any exercise to speak of.  However, in the hottest months and coldest months I may not venture outside.  Bad score on the exercise.

Social isolation.  The world is getting so big and so noisy that I am happy to stay in a smaller world.  TV and computer for company instead of coffee and lunch with friends.

Nutrition.  I started off bad and have gotten worse.  Between  trying to cut down where I can, having diabetes and being a carnivore, I have not eaten as well as I would if someone else were in charge of my meals.

Brain stimulation.  Less TV since the cable cut.  Lots of reading on line and off.  Recent trial and error attempt at jewelry making.

Ok, that is enough confessing.  It is vitally important that we think about these things and do all we can to stay the creeping onset of old age and a life over and done before we are ready.  


  1. Since I have become older and misanthropic I would be the same way in the social isolation dept.
    I walk a dog but if I didn't have her I may find reasons to not go out and exercise at all.
    Being celiac keeps my diet a horrible thing I must think about all the damn time.
    But where you lose me is reading and tv. If I didn't have to do anything else I wouldn't. I would read and read and read and then watch TV.
    I am 59 1/2 exactly today. I am dreading that dirty S word. :-)
    I watched a documentary last night while my hubby snored.

  2. That looks like a good blog - I added it to my blogroll. I'd love to live into my 100's and am trying! I've made changes - the older i get the more changes I make. More exercise, better diet, mental stimulation, etc. The only thing I don't have is a good social group, but when I land somewhere off the road, I hope to be more of a joiner. Thanks for all your good tips! :)

  3. What a great post...I think all of us over 60 gals should strive to move more and sit less. Husband and I still don't eat as well as we should but since our grandson has developed a gluten intolerance, we are truly more aware of all the foods we are eating.

  4. Thanks for sharing that blog post. I really learned very similar lessons from my mom's aging process. I think I am doing thinks right as best I can.

  5. I'm still "_going_ to" walk daily.... -sigh-

    Have no interest in "The Ladies Who Lunch" thank you. So if I need 'em to be healthy, guess I'm screwed. ,-)))) I am lucky to have husband still moving along, with me, of course. But social contacts? Yuck....

    Think we eat quite healthy.

    I am stimulated, by being in Blog Land. World Wide blog land, and Instagram. I read.

    I'm not learning a new language though. Realllly! Some of those suggestions! Learn a new language?!?! Are you kidding me????

    Of course we need to keep everything as active as possible. But some of those suggestions! YIsh... OhOh, I'm showing my age and 'crotchity' side. Heh, heh, heh...