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Saturday, October 31, 2015

I've been playing with Selfies

Does anyone have Kim Kardashian's email?  I need a little help here with these selfies.

These Selfies were taken in the bathroom at the Nissan Dealership while I was having my car serviced.  I deleted the initial shots and what you are seeing is the cropped photo.  The restroom had a nice wall mirror so I could move forward and back trying to get a good angle.  You can see the lighting was not even.  Floor brighter than face.  I'm not sure if that is because of the white tiles or user error.

I had trouble getting a good photo without the phone in the middle of my face.  I also had trouble holding my arm still if I was holding the phone at the side - those pictures didn't come out at all.  Also my camera is sensitive and if you push the snap button too hard you get a burst of anywhere from 3 to 7 snaps.  This might be good if your child was doing something cute but I only ended up with 7 ugly, ill-focused pics.  Hahaha.  Live and learn.  

I also took a couple of pictures at the Pulmonary Breathing Center where I take my ex-boss.  They had a nice big mirror and I think because the room was small the lighting was better.  

Most of you have been snapping pics on your phone for a while so you don't really need this explanation of all the things you have to think about.  

You might be wondering why I am hanging out in restrooms to take a selfie.  I don't have any full length mirrors in my house except for one of those tall thin door mirrors you buy at Walmart when you go off to college.  I have a couple of decorative mirrors on my walls and I put my makeup on over the bathroom sink but it is high and small and not so good for selfies.  

I hope I progress to a more socially acceptable location soon.  

Oh and yes I do have a forward and backward facing camera but the forward facing camera takes pictures so close you can count the pores on my face.  At this age, and with no makeup on, nope, no forward facing pictures.  

Here is a nice cropped picture of my morning glory, 
my only non-selfie pix.


  1. i think you are brave to experiment with selfies. I love your dress.

  2. My summer wardrobe is mostly shifts like this with a few pairs of shorts. Since I can't squat like I used to, I need something that will keep my rear end covered when I bend over. This does the job.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much. I had no idea when I left the house I would spend so much time snapping pictures of myself. It is such a comfortable shift and hangs in a nice way on my little short squat body. The colors did photograph well. I guess that is another thing to consider when snapping selfies.

  4. you look like somebody i would like to have coffee with. that's a high compliment coming from a hermit!!! :)
    love these selfies!
    who needs help from those kardashians? you've got it down!
    and i too love the dress. i'd have to shorten it though...
    the long looks good but feels claustrophobic to me when i wear it.
    this phone thing is FUN! i'm learning on yours. LOL.

    1. I love coffee and girl time - let's do it one day when one of us leaves our home. The dress is what I call tea length although it doesn't look like it in the picture. I find that if there is air on my ankles I am most comfortable. But, your right, I often feel like I'm tripping through life in longer skirts. Thank goodness I'm not to vain to wear shorts - my favorite of all clothes - just not to attractive on me anymore.

  5. A better use of time in the bathroom of a Nissan Dealership has never been made!

    1. That's what I thought. Fastest two hour diagnostic and oil change I every suffered through.

  6. I am TERRIBLE at selfies. I know I'm OLD, but I don't want to look ancient in a selfie, which is what happens. I don't think I've gotten a flattering one yet, and always delete them. Then I read that you need to hold the phone up and to the side for a good selfie. If you look at most of the selfies on-line that look good, they are usually looking up a bit and to the side. Unless it's a full length photo like yours, which is wonderful. You look great in all of them! :)

  7. I probably deleted 100 for every one I kept. Hahaha. Not really that many but a lot. My daughter who is 40 takes really good pictures of her and her friends. I want to try that next but they may not want to be my friend after I make them sit for 100 shots and only keep one.