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Thursday, October 29, 2015

My new Samsung Galaxy S6

One of the things I've been doing since I last talked to you was learning how to work my new phone.  I've got a Samsung Galaxy S6. What you say?

I know.  I know.  I'm the last person to spend money on a luxury like a fancy cell phone but I fell into it quite accidentally.

My daughter and I got one of those family bundles which I thought was going to save me money and help her out.  Here is how they caught me.  I had an older Samsung, a 2011 version which apparently is ancient in phone terms, and which I bought off Ebay for $35, so that should tell you something about it's desirability.

To add me to the bundle I would pay $40 a month (I'm just using round numbers here) but if I bought a new phone which costs $600, they would only charge me $20 for the line and $20 for the phone. Well if I'm paying $40 either way, I'm dang well going to get a new phone out of it.  So I did.

Now I'm sure some of you who are more savvy could have figured some way to get a better deal but I took the road of least resistance and I am mostly satisfied.

I LOVE THE CAMERA.  I've been watching y'all post pictures taken with your phone and have been so jealous.  Now that I have this ability it will be hard to ever go back.

I couldn't text on my old phone either and I'm almost getting fast now. Never thought that would happen.

So now my frugal lifestyle is deeper in debt and I've been looking for a job.  Part time if I can find it and in my neighborhood.  It will be hard but sometimes you have to just bite the bullet.  Thanks Social Security.  I didn't really need that raise next year.  


  1. Cute pictures of your granddaughter, Barbara :)

    I have a cell phone too and if it wasn't for emergencies, I'd get rid of it and just use my landline, but it does come in handy sometimes. Have fun with yours :)


    1. I was truly dedicated to my land line and I really didn't want people tracking me down while I was out and about. So what I've done is give each of my children, my grandson and two best friends all different ringtones, I actually learned how to download music as ringtones so when "Born to Be Wild" comes on I know the Son is calling. If I'm out and the ring is not from one of them, I don't answer if it's not a good time.

  2. And I thought I was the last person to succumb to the allure of a smart phone! Still, friends and family are always on me about leaving it at home or in my bag but turned off. Since I don't have a working watch, I do use it to check the time. Sometimes I think I really am a dinosaur.

    1. I find that I click it on all the time for the clock. My ex-boss brought up a real good point about wearing watches at work. If you are meeting with someone and you need to watch the time so you can get back to whatever, you can't continually click on your phone. You can however turn your wrist a fraction and look at the time. He was teaching all the young lawyers the importance of wearing a watch even if your phone is permanently attached to your at the hip.

  3. is it a tricky thing to get the pictures onto the computer?
    i mean... lots of steps?
    i am on reve's and mike's family plan too. and everytime there's an upgrade i have turned it down!
    i pay her once a year. i only use it for emergencies. and it's a FLIP TOP!!! LOLOL!
    talk about your dinosaurs!
    but your having this one kind of whets my appetite for the camera ability for posts!

    1. Tammy, Every electronic toy I've touched in the last 10 years has been a pain to operate. So no, it's not hard to learn but you've got to go into knowing it's going to be a pain. I've always uploaded my photos from my little hand camera to my pc so doing that on the phone has not been any problem. I just plug the cord into my pc and then into my phone and slam, bam, thank you mam, it downloads. I unclick all and select the ones I want to down load and the pictures go into my photo library under in a folder named the date taken. I took selfies which I am going to post. That was a little harder than I expected. Barbara

  4. thank you!!! maybe there's hope for me.