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Saturday, October 17, 2015

So Long....For Now

I'm trying something new.  I'm turning off the internet at home.  I will have access at the library and coffee shop to read what y'all are saying so you may hear short texts from me.  Not sure what I'm doing.  Still trying to figure out which accessories are "needs" as opposed to "wants".  I'll let you know what I figure out.  Or maybe I'll come running back.  Until then....


  1. I have to say ... I know the feeling! Still, I hope you don't drop out of sight. So may you spend lots of time at the library, and while away many hours at the coffee shop!

  2. ditto tom!
    i've also thought the library would be the way to go.
    and i may do that when this bites the dust. i keep threatening to anyway. i spend too much time here on it.
    i admire you so much! xo

  3. Great that you are trying this experiment. I love experiments. And we need to have 'guts' to try them. It's so easy to just keep going along, going along. Hope this one, proves something to you.

    You got rid of cable. I guess that has worked out for you.

    Here, we have 4 things, with our cable co. tv, land line, internet, and simple security system. So they sort of have us hooked. lol. we only have old cell phones, just for safety when driving. so can't use them, for our phones. etc. etc.

    Hope your experiment lets you know what's what with you, and use of computer at home!!!!

    Pumpkin hugs,