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Sunday, November 1, 2015

I just had to share Halloween pictures

Here are the girls at home getting ready to leave.  Son took photos on his camera so some are a little fuzzy.

Here they are when they arrive at the spot.  All eyes and disbelief.  

And here is where they went first.  Neighborhood organized a car themed trick or treat.  Decorated the cars and lined them up in a parking lot.  Wasn't that a great idea.  No kids stumbling around in the dark while cars are driving up and down the street.  Also the kids live in a large yard neighborhood where houses are a quarter acre to full acre lots.  So good bit of distance between houses. 

 They did go to a couple of neighbor's houses after this just to get the effect of ringing the bell and hollering Trick or Treat.  Also because the neighbors insisted.  Lots of caring neighbors out there.


  1. What a fun idea. I had only two trick or treaters but they wre adorable.

  2. I'm so glad you shared these pictures, Barbara. They're priceless!

  3. oh I LOVE this idea! so safe. and fun for them!
    little witch posing with her broom ... so adorable. and the princess too! or maybe she's snow white! snow white had a bow.

    i don't have trick or treaters now that i live in my apartment. but it was dwindling in our neighborhood where i had my cottage.
    so many places are doing things for them... the mall has a costume parade and all the stores give out candy...
    and then churches and such.
    but this is the first time i've heard of decorating cars and doing it that way. that's so cool!

    still... i'm glad the neighbors wanted them to ring the bell and say trick or treat too.
    that should be part of their childhood memories!