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Thursday, November 5, 2015

I know you don't want to hear this ....

I know you don't want to hear this word, but I have started pinning Christmas ideas on Pinterest.  Why would you do that on November 1 you wonder.  Well, I am trying not to spend a lot of money this Christmas.

The little girls love either princess items or arts and crafts supplies.  So that will be easy to do and easy on the pocket book.  The grandson, oh my goodness, if you have teenage children or grandchildren, you know nothing they like or want is close to inexpensive but I will perserve on that front later.

What I am researching now is gifts that I can help the little girls make for each parent.  I still have a couple of the gifts my adult children made in grade school. Aww, aren't those sweet memories.

I was surprised to find several ideas for things the girls can make with my help. The two year old will be more work than I really want to take on, but isn't that what Nanas are supposed to do?

The reason that I have to get organized now is that I must have all the supplies on hand when the little girls come over.  Right now the parents are separated so it will be only every other weekend the girls can come over (the grandson is way to busy unless he wants to practice driving) and there are other holiday activities I want to take them to that will have to be planned as the dates are announced.

So yes, I am one of those who are mentioning that word already, but for good cause.  I want to help make this Christmas the best I can for the little girls and their parents.  


  1. Good grief gracious! You can start with Christmas, any time you want to!!!!!! Who sezzzzzzzz you can't?????

    All of us bloggers, we simply have to stop wanting to follow trends. Either in what we blog about. Or in whatever we are doing in our lives. We need to embrace our individuality. I sezzzzzzzzzzzzzz. ,-)

    And I also need to figure out why I always *have* to give advice, wanted or un. Why do I set myself up, as the one to tell everyone else, that they must embrace their individuality???? Why hu????????

    Nope, not gonna' go there. It is probably an awful trait to have. Well, sure it is. No one wants to be told anything! They want to figure everything out, for them selves. by themselves. Duhhhhh.......

    Geee, your "bill should be in the mail". For letting me do this "shrink stuff"... Here in your comments. lol

    All I *should* have said was... You start Christmas any time you want. That would have done it. But no. Not me. I have to ramble on, for half an hour. -gigggles-

    Merry Christmas!
    Happy Yule!

  2. Tessa I don't mind hearing all your advice because you never know when something I haven't thought of might pop up and be just the solution. So keep 'em coming.

  3. Well I was seeing Christmas items in the stores two weeks ago so it is coming whether we use the word or not. And I have toget busy myself in that regard.

    1. I realized this year that I am no longer shocked to see Christmas decorations at Halloween. I guess we adjust to what ever the stores want us to. When I was a kid we didn't put up our tree until around Dec. 15 but then we often left it up until the wise men reached the baby Jesus.

  4. and I'm your favorite scrooge who will not utter that word even during the holiday of which i dislike. :-)

    1. I really am a bit of a scrooge myself compared to what I used to be. I no longer put up a tree and this still makes my adult children unhappy. I decorate with items from the Dollar Store or Thrift Shop so I can throw away when the season is over. I still have a couple of large tubs full of decorations but I usually only look at the top layer. For financial reasons, the grandkids are about the only ones I buy presents for. I'm older and broker and that is just the way it has to be. But I still love to look at the decorations others have done and especially the FOOD for visiting guests.

  5. times have changed so much...
    i remember as a child every single year... getting the same thing from my gram at christmas...
    a 64 count brand new box of crayolas! both the marine and i got one.
    and she sent carefully selected coloring books that she had picked out for each of us!
    oh what wonderful gifts those were!
    and tessa just cracks me up!!!

    1. My children always got crayons and coloring books from me/Santa at Christmas. Also one of those little boxes of 6 or 8 rolls of LiveSavers. As an adult, my daughter will tell you it's not Christmas without new colors!! Luckily the little girls think so too.