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Thursday, November 12, 2015

I took a hard fall tonight but it's a funny story

I walked into the Grandson's room to ask a question.  Apparently the littlest granddaughter followed me in.  Apparently the dog followed her in.

I turned to leave after speaking to the Grandson and the Granddaughter was smack dap up against the back of  my legs.  The dog was smack dap up against her.  I started to lose my balance because there was no where for me to put my foot down when I came out of the turn.

I'm not sure how I managed to land on the floor without the Granddaughter or dog beneath me.  I felt the Granddaughter falling over and heard her cry. I heard the dog scurrying and heard her yelp. And I heard this three part crash as I bounced on my knees and who knows what other body parts before landing on the floor.

Everyone came running.  My son had just gotten home from work.  The stepson was over visiting.  The other Granddaughter was packing her backpack for tomorrow night's visit.  I  just sat on the floor for a few minutes before I could try to "shake it off."

I can remember my children walking so close behind me they would step on my heel if I stopped too quickly.  I remember fussing at them many, many times about this.  Haha.  I guess now I'll have to watch the grand girls and make sure they are not right up behind me.

I'm laughing now as I'm writing this.  I can just see the body parts, legs, arms, dog paws all flailing around trying to get to safety.

Yes, the knees hurt and I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow but it was so darn funny now that it's over.  


  1. The world has enough professional comedians, Barbara. Take care of yourself.

  2. Oh no! it's your turn. It happened in 4's for me. I hope this is the only one Barbara.
    it's always funny later....after the advil :-) Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Geez, that could have been bad on many levels! Falls are bad enough for kids (my 10-year-old grandson is wearing an arm cast right now) but at our age it can be so much worse. I'm so glad everyone ended up okay. :)

  4. I'm glad it all ended as well as it did and that no one got seriously hurt. I have learned over the years to always look behind me now because if my grandkids are with e, they are most likely very close at hand. ;)

  5. oh barbara.
    i'd like to laugh. but i can't! i have an abcessed tooth. face all swollen. we make a good pair.
    i'm not falling around... but i'm thinking pain is in our future! i finally gave up and got some pain meds and antibiotic today.
    you're going to definitely KNOW you fell by morning probably. hope your knees aren't hurt too badly!!!

  6. Wow, this post hurts. Glad you are okay.