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Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm a tough old bird

Well I made it through the ordeal with only one bruise and that was on my knuckle.  My knee was stiff and a little swollen when I woke up but it limbered up.  I'm thankful.  Yes indeed.

The littlest was sickly today and I had to pick her up early from day care.  Ahh winter. All the sneezes and sniffles yet to come.  The older girl is also coughing.  She has a big date with her aunt Saturday night to see an outside movie.  I bought her a new jacket today.  Big, heavy one to take just in case.

Next week is my week off.  They will be with their mother.  I'm sure the sniffles will continue.  I just wonder if she will ask me to come out?  If she does, I'll go but I sure hope she doesn't.

Had to sneak out of the house with the oldest granddaughter when I left today. Now that youngest is used to the routine of me being at her house she wants to leave with me each evening.  She takes no well but I don't think it would have gone so well if she had seen her sister leaving with me.  I felt really guilty for not bringing her to town but she was just to young and rambunctious to sit still at the movie.

I did buy her a new (used) backpack.  The other day when all the kids came home with their backpacks she told me she wanted a backpack.  It was so pathetic.  Her little face pleading.  She wanted to be like the others.  So Nana pulled out the backpack she had bought months ago for a Christmas present.

I got another sweet note from my son tonight.  He thanks me so much and said he wished I would stay and visit after he got home.  I usually leave as soon as he comes in.  I like to get on the road with the dark settling in so early.  I also thought he would like to be at home alone with his brood.  He is still suffering from the shock of loneliness.

I remember that loneliness so well.  I never remarried and I was barely able to date.  It was just more than I could do to raise my two children after a day at work.  Life's choices.  A path taken.  What will be will be.

But looks like I'm going to have to find a way to help my son and I'm not sure how with an hour drive ahead of me each evening.  Maybe I can go and stay a night or two.  I'm mulling it over.  Trying to come up with a plan.  Living in two different though close cities makes it more difficult.  But I'll figure something out.  Have to.  My boy needs me.

Boy this is a lot of personal stuff I'm sharing but I know so many of you have gone through something similar or just as important.  Being a parent is a life time job.


  1. ((((HUGS))) and I am so glad you can be there to help your son. Maybe staying there one night a week would be doable and then he could have some "Mom" time too since it sounds like he really does need it. We have been down this path with one of our sons but there were no children involved. My mommy heart ached for him and he and I spent hours on the phone or SKYPE at any hour of the day and night while he worked through and processed everything. He was able to come home later to be in his brother's wedding and then had to see his ex and sign divorce papers the next day...talk about a roller coaster of emotions for him and for our family.

  2. I'm watching my daughter play your role with her girls. When her husband died, they lived near us until the youngest was in high schoo,l and connie remarrried and moved way out in the country. I see all of them sporadically these days, and miss them too. I guess life is like that.

  3. Glad you're okay after the fall. Love those kids ... but be careful!

  4. i'm so glad it wasn't worse than it is. but it's bad enough!
    the worst hurt seems to be in your heart these days. take care dearest bean. it's a stress for sure.
    i have no family so i can't actually relate.
    but loss is loss and i've definitely been there... especially in losing my bob. so my heart goes out to your son.
    and i'm sure that any time with you at all will be treasured moments. sometimes life is just so hard. ♥