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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just a week in the life of me

Lots of busyness going on around here.

* Things are going well at the Son's house.  I didn't go all week because he had an old friend visiting from out of town and everyone enjoyed the visit and a new face.

* The grand girls and guy came over Friday before they left on a trip with their Aunt (my daughter) to see their Grandfather and wife (my ex).  We had a nice tea party with crowns and tulle skirts while we waited.

* I've finished the Christmas Shopping for the girls, including December Birthday for the oldest grand girl. 

* I ordered the Son a nice waterproof jacket on line.  Inspiration for the Daughter hasn't hit me yet.  

* That only leaves the Grandson and I think he wants a TV, but maybe clothes.  His sister stepped on his TV while they were moving it and he feels like the TV should be replaced and not one of his presents.  He is not a selfish child but if you were the oldest siblings, I'll bet you remember items broken by the younger kids.  I tell you I sure do.  I agree with his sentiments except for the money issue.  I'll have to see what is on sale and see what I can swing. 

* I took my change jar to the credit union since I had to deposit a check today.  I had just over $55 in change.  I knew there were a lot of quarters, but wow.  Made me feel very happy to offset some of the spending I've been doing.  

* I'm dog sitting for my daughter's dachshund while she is gone.  Buddy is terribly irritable about it.  Does not share well.  A lot of jealous barking.  You'd think it was the first time we've kept her dog but it's not.  She's stayed here several times.  Oh well. 

* Turned really cold and windy today.  Feels like Thanksgiving weather.  I hope the weather stays cool until Thursday.  I really hate wearing shorts on Thanksgiving - or Christmas.  

* And the luckiest thing of all.  We were having 3-Berry Smoothies yesterday and somehow some berry juice got on the kitchen counter and when I went to wash dishes I got a line of berry juice across the  front of my shirt.  It was a favorite shirt although an old one.  I immediately took it off and starting washing the stripe with DAWN.  I did that twice.  I can't believe it but the DAWN got the blue stain out of the orange shirt.  Right on DAWN! 

And that, friends, has been my pleasant week. 


  1. Dawn is pretty amazing stuff. Glad you were able to get the stain out of your favorite shirt. You had a busy week. Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and filled with joy. xo

  2. there's something wonderful about busy ordinary days!
    hope you have a happy thanksgiving! xo

  3. Busy week for you. i will pay attention to Christmas shopping soon, but not on black Friday.

  4. I'm glad you got more time with the grandkids! Mine are on their way over as type this and I cannot wait!