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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Unsubscribing to unwanted emails

I get a lot of unsolicited email because of my blogs.  Having the word Boomer in your blog name gets you email on any subject having to do with health and growing older. Also my Frugal Living blog gets me a fair share of helpful but unsolicited email.

To add to my new cell phone knowledge, another trick I learned was how to receive copies of my emails on my phone.  This is especially good if you buy things on eBay and have to quickly up the bid when you get out bid and you are not near your laptop!  Bad me, I know.

So to keep from getting unwanted emails sent to my phone, I spend a lot of time unsubscribing on my lap top (bigger screen) to email I do not want.

You might already be aware of these Unsubscribe link locations but if not, here is some info .  The pictures are a little blurry because I took the picture on my lap top with my cell phone.  Again, shaky hands make a negative difference.

Method 1 

At the bottom of the email is a link to unsubscribe. 

Method 2
At the address line of the sender is an unsubscribe link.

Method 3
If the unsubscribe link is not available at either the top or bottom, click the arrow where the sender and recipients are listed.  Look at the last line and see if there is an unsubscribe link.  

 Method 4
Involves throwing your laptop against the wall.  Not really.  There are emails where I simply can't find the unsubscribe link.  I know they've done it on purpose and it really, really irritates me.  However, I send a reply with unsubscribe in the text.  I prefer not to just Spam it because they will keep sending information forever and for some reason it irritates me to have spam in my spam folder.  

You may have some other ideas, please share. 


  1. I usually end up with method 4 and a full blown hissy fit.
    Sadly it's immature and doesn't work, however, it does make me feel a bit better.
    I also go bat @#!$ crazy when they say it will take weeks/months to remove me.
    It sure didn't take that long to receive these emails.Aargh!

    1. I know what you mean. Takes five seconds to enroll and 5 weeks to unenroll Just like credit card payments. They run the charge through right away but the credit return takes a month.

  2. We are trapped in a world where we have limited control of our own email. I don't see it getting any better.

  3. i signed a petition once on line... and i also donated to a charity.
    boy... that's all it took.
    i started being inundated with emails from hundreds of different places i had never even visited.
    i just kept deleting them.
    finally out of pure frustration one day i scrolled down thinking SURELY there had to be a way out of these things.
    and sure enough... there it was in tiny print ...
    unsubscribe to these emails. so every time i got one... i unsubscribed. and now i never get them anymore.
    thank heaven!

    1. Exactly. That is why I take the time to unsubscribe instead of deleting or spamming it. Since I enter a lot of contests I get a lot from the Contest sponsors. I do use a separate email address for that purpose.

  4. I just finished unsubscribing to quite a few things today. I was getting so tired of having my email filled with tons of crap!

    1. It feels like a waste of your time when you spend it unsubscribing but to come home to a mailbox with only interesting emails is so much better. So I take the time. It's those ones that don't have an unsubscribe link that really irritate me.

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