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Saturday, December 26, 2015

A few photographs I took to remember this Christmas

With all the craziness around my house this December, I didn't share any decorations with you.  Now remember my house is small, maybe 600-700 sq ft so space is tight.

My coffee table with my little tree, collection of Christmas cups for tea lights, a couple of Christmas cards and my new fancy doodle gifts from my daughter.

The pass through from the living room to the kitchen.  You can't really see my nutcrackers, music boxes and Christmas tins.  You have often seen the lower half of this wall when Grand #1 tapes up her drawings.  And, of course, Buddy's bed under the tree. 

My magnetic chalk board which is primarily used to how off the latest school pictures. 

And Grand #1's favorite spot where she rearranged the order of the satin balls over and over.  

I really enjoyed the simple decorations I put up this year.  Maybe I should say that Grand #1 put up this year.  She loved decorating and there wasn't anything I was really worried about breaking.  I had intended to go to the dollar store or some such store to get more odds and ends if we needed them, but we didn't.  So nice just to pull out the Christmas tubs and find everything new again. 

I tried photographing the Christmas cups with and without tea lights but just didn't photograph well.  No problem because they are really cute when lit.  Somethings, like me, just don't photograph well. 

Well I just wanted to share the snaps I took to remember this Christmas.  It has been relatively quiet and calm.  Lots of texts and photos from the kids.  I'm feeling better from all the craziness and I can say I have really enjoyed the day and all that it means. Hope you did to. 


  1. the idea of little hands being able to arrange and rearrange beautiful satin balls...
    warms my heart.
    simple is best.
    i too have a tiny tree this year. 26 inches to be exact. and i can store it HERE!
    like you... my space is small. 525 square feet. but it's so cozy. and all we need!
    well... i don't have any grands to fill mine! but you have found a way.
    and it's all good. and lovely.
    here's to a fabulous new year! xo♥

  2. "So nice just to pull out the Christmas tubs and find everything new again." I think this is one of the reasons we love to decorate our homes each Christmas. When we open the stored boxes and take each decoration out and decide where to place it, we're remembering previous Christmases and the loved ones that we spent with each one. Grand #1 did a beautiful job of decorating. xo ~ Nancy

  3. I love that your oldest grand enjoys decorating and that you let her. Now that is how to awesomely grandparents your little loves. :)

  4. I love this. You help me realize all over again that we can live in small spaces. Best of all is buddy's bed. Have a Happy new Year!