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Thursday, December 3, 2015

A few thoughts...

I'm still fending off this cold and I'm not sure I'm on the winning end.

*  I've got a call back for a second interview today.  Great.  I feel so miserable that I would pay them not to hire me.  But, I need the money, so I will go and fake it.

* I'm sitting with the door open and the heater on.  Stupid I know but I'm chilled from the head cold and yet, need to see the beauty of my yard and the birds at the feeder.

* I did order a second baby doll from Target even though I bought one I like from Walmart.  The second doll is supposed to be all plastic (or whatever) so it can be washed but the first doll has a cloth body and makes cooing sounds.  Just seems that having a doll that can be washed is more important that cooing sounds?Am I right? Who knows, one will be perfect and the other go back.  Online shopping - its a good thing.

* A confession of sorts - Tessa.  I did get the cable hooked back up.  I called to cancel the land line because I never answer it anymore since I use my super duper new cell phone.  After begging for a better cable plan for months before I disconnected, they now had a plan which was $30 over what I was paying for internet alone.  Huh?  What kind of business plan is this place running?  It did require a 2 year contact which is good in that it forces them to keep the price low but bad for me if I decide to move somewhere.

I have a gypsy soul.  I need to be able to get up and go if the mood arises.  It only arises about every 5 years but I hate contracts with termination fees.  However, I have 30 days to see if I like having cable again or I can cancel.

First thing I notice is that I don't turn it on for background noise like I used to.  Second I am still binge watching series that I haven't seen or need to catch up on - just line I do with Netflix and Amazon.

At least I get to watch White Christmas, The Bishop's Wife and Holiday Inn. Wouldn't be Christmas without them.


  1. I hope you feel better soon and that you do get that job. I love watching Christmas shows. I have White Christmas on VHS and need to get a copy on DVD since it just is not Christmas without it. :)

  2. Seeing the beauty of nature is good for your soul and I don't think the fresh air will be bad for a cold either. Better to watch Christmas movies than the news, too. I wish we could return to a simpler time--if there ever was such a thing.

  3. I like your new header. Take care and good luck with the dreaded job. Who knows, maybe you'll end up liking it.

  4. oh barbara...
    i'll be holding only good thoughts about your interview!
    and i know what you mean about having the fresh air.
    since they took out my thyroid i seem to be permanently HOT. like one long hot flash. they can't get the med regulated.
    it will save me money this winter! there are many days already that i've never even had the heat on with the cold temps.
    i'm already wondering what summer will be like. but right now it's more like SPRING here than winter anyway!
    drat that blasted bug. hope you'll be really WELL soon!
    this comment's getting way too long... but just thought... your new banner is cool!
    and ... remember 'betsy wetsy baby dolls' ? they were adorable! and you're right... dunking in water is more fun than battery cooing!

  5. I love The Bishop's Wife and haven't seen it for years. Loretta Young and Cary Grant. Two beautiful people. Hope your interview goes well and that the nasty head cold goes away. For good! xo