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Saturday, December 19, 2015

A little bit more craziness

Things continue to happen over here.  My daughter has a stomach ulcer.  We knew this already from her last little emergency room visit about a month ago.  Tuesday her doctor ordered her back to the Emergency room because of stomach pains.  They have turned her every which way but lose this week.  Upper and lower GIs and then repeat.  They found she has a bacteria in her stomach which can be cured as long as it doesn't lead to stomach cancer.  Yesterday and today she has been on mega doses of IV medicine.  They told her today that they were going to monitor her for at least one more day.  She is bummed.  She really, really wanted to go home today.

Poor little (big) sweet girl.  We want her to get all the medical attention she can.  We are thankful for that but it will be so sad for all the family, especially the grand girls if their Aunt is not there Christmas eve.

I am thankful that the problem is something that can be cured.  I am thankful that the problem is no worse than it is.  I am thankful that she will be fine in the future.  I am thankful that, although I am sick with worry, I have the strength to believe that everything will be ok.


  1. Nothing much worse than a sick child, but an adult sick child is so worrisome. Stay strong.