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Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Quick Note before the Year End

Happy New Year one and all.  I love New Year's Eve.  It always feels like a new, crisp, clean beginning. I'm not sure why as I don't make any resolutions but I do clean out my file folders and get ready to file my taxes as soon as possible.

I didn't work in 2015 so that should be a quick tax return.  Only Social Security for income and believe it or not, I am considered over the poverty line.  Funny, sure feels like poverty to me! LOL.  I am thankful for what I get and will not complain.

I spent the last two weeks looking online for used cars.  I was surprised how expensive they were so decided to put the money into my old car instead.  In addition to the new car horn, inspection sticker and wheel do-dad, today I bought four new tires and a new windshield.  The windshield had a straight line crack, but, unfortunately, it was right in my sight line.  So the old girl (the car, not me) is running smoother.

Granddaughter #1 was here for three days.  I get so tired and my patience gets so worn, but I just love having her here.  She is just so wonderful.


  1. I like New Year's morning, for the same reasons you like New Year's Eve. I, too, made no new resolutions . . . why tamper with perfection?!? (ha ha)

  2. Happy new year, Barbara! Your granddaughter is a cutie pie! Love those gloves :)