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Friday, December 11, 2015

And the beat goes on...

Just a note to let you know things are much better over here.

I didn't tell you that my purse was stolen and I lost my wallet with $400 and my new cell phone.  That was a couple of days after the fool crashed into my car.  I had a hard time breathing from the stress of it all but all you can do is keep on living.

The adjuster has been here and totaled my car.  The insurance company is paying me a fair price.

I had insurance on my cell phone so I got a new phone after a hefty payment.  

I am starting to calm down but my body was in panic mode so hard for so long that it's difficult to relax.  It's getting better and I have a hot date with both grand girls and their mother tomorrow so I'm sure that will help a lot.  

Christmas started out on a rough note but my losses are only material objects and I cannot compare it to what others maybe going through.  I count  my blessings and appreciate all the good that has come my way.  

Keep on being Merry and a Happy Holy Holiday to all. 


  1. Oh, dear. I am so sorry to hear of those troubles. I count my blessings and appreciate all the good that has come my way. That is wisdom in action.

  2. Too bad about your rough experience. Some people are so evil. Happy to hear you are remembering to enjoy life.

  3. Oh my goodness. I think you're done with bad things for awhile. You had your fill in one swoop. Just glad you're fine.

  4. great scot and cathouse thursday!!!
    what will it be next?
    but with your attitude you will overcome. attitude is everything.
    and happiness is a choice.
    and you've chosen happiness! you go girl!
    i'm just back from a whirlwind one week trip to georgia with the marine...
    to see his grandsons. it was wonderful. and i'm exhausted and realize just how old i am!

  5. So sorry to hear of your misfortune. Love your attitude, though. Good for you! xo ~ Nancy