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Thursday, December 17, 2015

More good news

Granddaughter #1, who is in kindergarten, was chosen as one out of four students in her entire elementary school to have her art work displayed in the school district Western Art Show.  So proud for her.

Notice that she is still wearing her new cowboy boots every day.  

The other good news is that I've got a temp job.  Actually, the lady lawyer wanted to interview me and I had it all set up when I realized that when I get my old clunker back from my son and turn in my rental car, I probably don't want to drive the old clunker way across town to where her office is located.  I cancelled the interview and told her the reason and she said how about working temp.  This will help me put some more money in the bank until I can decide what to do about my car situation.  

LOL.  Her office is just as far away as my son's house but in the opposite direction.  Too bad it wasn't in the same direction.  

Sigh.  It's so good when nice things happen.  


  1. Congrats on the job! I take it where you live there is no mass transit? that would have helped a great deal I bet. But on the up side, you got a job for some extra money and who doesn't need that?! :-)

  2. Actually, we have a really big bus system in Houston. I think I'll look into it. You might be right.

  3. Congrats on your new job!
    You and grand #1 both have the same beautiful smiles.

  4. I can see you in your granddaughter! She really is a cutie and talented to boot (cowgirl boot?) Good for you with the job, and I hope it all works out.

  5. How nice for this woman to be so understanding about your transportation situation, and to offer you a temp position. You must have made a great impression. Your granddaughter is a cutie. And a talented artist. xo ~ Nancy

  6. Nice lady. I hope you enjoy your new venture. You are vey brave.