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Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Cold Turned Out to be a Blessing

In our last episode I had gone on a job interview - didn't get the job and that's a shame, I think I would have like it.  Second I was in a duel to the death with this cold - which turned out to be a sinus infection with a little asthmatic type problems.

No, the real excitement came about 3:00 a.m. Friday morning.  I was sleeping as soundly as a person with my cold could be when I heard a car crash out front. There is a lot of street parking in my neighborhood so I thought someone's car had really been creamed.  But, I didn't get up to see what happened.  I rolled over and went back to sleep.

A little while later Buddy is up and barking at the door.  I thought it was the probably the raccoon on the porch again.  However, as I walked into the living room I saw a light flashing into my apartment.  I looked out the window and there were two police officers on my porch.  I held Buddy tightly and opened the door.  Mam, I'm afraid there has been an accident involving your car.  No, I said. My car is up in the driveway.  Is it a little white car he asked?  Yes, but it is up in the driveway.  Yes, Mam, You'd better come see.  So I slipped my clothes on and went in the front yard.

There was a tree lying in the middle of the yard where no tree had lived before. Where was the tree standing he asked me.  We have no tree I told him.  Then I saw my car.

Can you believe this.  The car that hit my car - which was a hit and run although we can't figure out how it was able to drive away - jumped the curb and first took out a crepe myrtle in my right hand neighbor's yard.  Crepe Myrtles aren't tree trees, but it stood about 6-8 feet high and half a dozen fairly substantial branches.

Then it went between a city light pole - old wooden one - and missed the 5-6 step stairway coming down from the house in front of me.  Having managed that, it crunched into my car pushing it 4-6 feet sideways and about two feet forward almost taking out the wooden fence to the backyard.

I think it was only stopped by the iron fence of the neighbor  on the left.  As I said hit and run. Front looks untouched but the doors are jammed shut so cannot see if the motor starts.

I sprang for a rental because I was so sick I had to go to the doctor Friday. The adjuster is supposed to come look at the car and have it towed off.  I assume it is totaled but who knows these days.

So thank goodness I got all my shopping done - and paid for - already.  So why is having a cold a good cure for a hit and run, in your driveway, car totaled and its almost Christmas?

Because I felt so danged bad I couldn't even cry about my car.  I'm feeling well enough tonight (Sunday) to write this saga and hope I recover a little more before I get the business end of the stick on this deal!

But blessings are to be counted where you find them and I count the safety of my two neighbors who could have been killed had my car not been struck.  A car is a car is a car.  It will be replaced and life will go on and Christmas will be Merry.  

So sayeth me. 


  1. Yikes! That is quite the story. I suspect someone was early into the Christmas spirits. I am sorry about the car, but I am glad you were not in it at the time.

  2. wow, what a story. I am glad you are on the mend and this accident was only to a car!

  3. good grief!
    as if you hadn't enough on your plate right now!
    but your attitude is a WINNER.
    and you might just get a new car out of it.
    after such damage to your own and the crepe myrtle trunk and all...
    an apo should be put out to all car repair places.
    i'm surprised the other car could drive away so easily!
    it will be a mess too no doubt.
    such people.
    but like you said wisely... no lives taken. THAT is always the blessing.
    get well soon wishes. and hugs.

  4. Geez, thank goodness no one was hurt. I hope your insurance company comes through for you. I guess one of the worst things we can have happen is to answer the door and see two police officers on the porch. That's never a good sign. Feel better soon! :)