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Thursday, December 24, 2015

One last post before Christmas

I had a wonderful lunch with my daughter and grandson at the Mexican Restaurant.  It is kind of our go-to place.  Lots of food, noise and inexpensive.

I received an early Christmas present from my daughter who is dragging me into the electronic future.  I don't know what you call this thing but it is a magnetic dashboard cell phone holder.

You stick this little flat circle on the dashboard. That magnetic piece holds the cell phone holder.  At the other end of the cell phone holder is another magnet. So then you take the case off your cell phone and put a flat magnetic between your phone and case.  Then you easily attach or unattach the phone from the holder, and, if you wish, the holder from the dash.  Incredibly well thought out I think.  I'm really excited to use it but not until after I take my nap after the mexican food.

Yesterday my son brought my old car that has been sitting in his backyard (one of the benefits of living in the country with an acre for a yard) to my house.  It was pretty grungy but started fine.  We realized when he got the car here that a penny was stuck in the slide mechanism so that the driver's seat was stuck in a position that worked for his 6' frame and not my 5'3" frame.  They fixed it though and it works fine.

Then I had to get the horn replaced on Wednesday so I could get an inspection sticker (since it has been sitting up for so long).  I also need something replaced in the wheel that was inexpensive but we didn't have enough time to get that done.  I will bring it back after Christmas.

So this morning before the big meal, the grandson took the car to the car wash and scrubbed and vacuumed everything and picked out a new cover for the steering wheel and floor mats.  It actually looks presentable for a 1995 Nissan Sentra with 175,000 miles.  Hahaha.  Count your blessing where you can.  I have a free car to drive and I can take my time finding a good used car.

So.. a wonderful gift, a delicious meal, great company and a wonderful start to Christmas Eve. I hope that each of you have a Happy, Holy and memorable Christmas with your friends and family.  If you will be alone, like me, let all of your blessings keep you company.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Barbara. It sounds like a very useful gift. Glad your car is fixed. That's no fun. xoxo Su