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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Things are continuing to improve and chores with relation to the totaled car and lost purse are being taken care of.

Granddaughter #1 had her sixth birthday this week and we had a pre-party over the weekend here at my house. She had picked out these pink cowboy boots earlier but I held on to them until the party.  She was so so happy with her choice.

Her dad reports that she has had them on every day.  

We also bought balloons but she elected to have these smaller ones on a stick.

It was a grand occasion.  Cupcakes and wrapping paper.  Candles and hugs.  All I could have wanted it to be.

Into each life some rain must fall...  Ok, maybe I had more of a monsoon but there is always sunshine after the storm and she is mine.


  1. She is beautiful--such a delightful age, 6.

  2. Aw, the cowgirl boot are precious. Love this girl's smile. xo ~ Nancy