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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This and That

I've been nursing a cold this week that I got from the Grand Girl #1.  I got some over the counter general cold medicine that is a Kroger brand that is working fairly well.  It is called Night Time Cold and Flu but I take it during the day too.  It compares itself to NyQuill but I can't stand the taste of NyQuill.  NyQuill has probably improved its taste over the years or it has come out with new flavors but in my mind, I remember being so sick and having the awful taste of the medicine in my mouth, and I just can't try it ever again.

I've got to make a run to Target today.  The Son and I discussed what he wanted to get Grand Girl #2 who is 2 and all about baby dolls.  I looked at Walmart yesterday to compare what they had to what I saw online at Target.  Hopefully, I will like Target's choices best and make the purchases and be done.  If not, might mean another trip back to Walmart.  Luckily both stores are convenient to my house but either one at Christmas time is not a fun place to be.

I've already bought my gifts for everyone.  Grand Girl #1 got things like a pair of kid's size knitting needles and a book on making art with nature.  Both of these she will really enjoy but we are having a hard time figuring what else to buy her from Santa and my daughter.

There are only so many craft items one person needs at a time, hence the need for an exploratory trip for items just for her.  I suppose I could combine shopping for both but it just seems easier to be in one mind set and get that done.  How I was ever a single working mother of two and got Christmas purchased and a tree put up I'll never know.  Just another Super Woman I guess.

The new doctor is trying me on some new diabetes medicine/treatment.  Boy oh boy, does that stuff cost.  My insurance company will not pay for it next year and I am in the donut hole for this year.  I've been on hold for hours with the various manufacturers to see if I can qualify for assistance.  It is a nightmare.

I've been missing my friends lately.  Yes, I talk to them on the phone often but I have not had a coffee session or shopping time with either of them in quite a while. All three of us live at opposite ends of the city and when you live in a city the size of Houston, it can be an easy hour to the other side of town.

I think it is important to keep up with friends with meetups and phone calls.  As we age it is so important not to wake up and realize it has been a week since we talked to a loved one or friend.  It is important to stay social and I am missing that connection.  As soon as I get this shopping behind me I'm going to schedule a couple of meet ups with dear friends.

Hope you are staying social and not letting the Holiday chores wear you out.


  1. I am almost done with shopping and I expect the rest to be done this weekend online. :-)
    I am not a fan of shopping so when you add the holidays it makes it much worse for me.

    I hear you about the family and friends. All of my friends are in other cities. The problem when you move so often. I have acquaintances here but not real friends or family. If I didn't have to speak to people all day for work I know it would be difficult for me as you say. But now, at night, I prefer not having to answer a phone and just be. I know that is bad of me.

    Try therflu. I really llike that. I get the lemon flavor and put it in some warm water with some sugar and warm it. Feels great and really helps! Hope you are feeling better soon!

    1. When my kids were little I ordered most of the clothes from sales magazines. This was before internet and probably even before faxes. That lasted until about the end of grade school when their clothes had to be fitted for them. I would write down the item, page number and price on the form provided and MAIL it in. Haha. Now you push a button to add it to your cart and then push another button to pay. Gotta love it.

  2. I'm with you on the Nyquil...it works but boy does it taste awful! One of my closest friends (she is like a sister to me) lives right next door but with her busy life, we talk more on the phone than we do in person. We do meet "at the fence" for hugs, pep talks, etc. but with the bad weather moving in, that happens less and less frequently. She did come over for wine last week though and that was really nice!

    1. I think I will make 2016 my year to consciously make visits to friends and family. A habit once started will often take on a life of its own. I think that would be a good resolution for me.

  3. Oh oh, I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet -- and I don't even have a cold. I'd better get started!

    1. Well if I was busy writing the interesting articles you post I might not have time either. Really enjoy reading your blog.

  4. i've spent the last two days helping the marine choose gifts to send to his two grandsons.
    it has been fun. but they know auntie tam does not shop. she gives them cash. and they seem delighted.
    i bought things for them when they were really little... but since they've been big enough to enjoy picking out things...
    they like to have their own money. i don't even apologize about it anymore! LOL. it's just who i am.
    but if i were a grandparent... it might be different. i'd probably shop in that case.
    i hope you get well SOON! XO♥