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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A little bit of this and that

I have been blog hopping again.  I don't know why it is I seem to disappear when I do this.  It has really stimulated me.  There are so many great blogs out there. Before the internet what would have happened to all these great writers.  I know I used to write a lot of letters.  I kept my friends up with all my news through long handwritten letters.  Maybe these bloggers did too.  What about you?

- I've been suffering through family problems.  Not life threatening but life changing and challenging.  Change is not so easy for me anymore.  I fret when I cannot save someone from a mistake I see so obvious.  I try not to give advice when not asked, but dang it is hard to keep my mouth shut.

- This winter has been particularly cold for me.  When I say winter, I'm probably talking 50-60 degrees here in Texas.  A lot of you would welcome that, I know. I think what is happening is that as my diabetes has improved my body temperature and what feels comfortable has changed.  Previously I never seemed to get cold, rather my arms and legs felt cooled.  Now, especially at night, I am down right freezing,  I am double layering during the day, something I never remember doing.  Luckily the new air conditioner/heater unit I got during the summer is doing a great job.  However, I think it will be a learning experience for me this winter and I might need to hit the thrift shop for extra warm items of clothing.

- My old car is working fine.  I figured out that I have a leak in the sprayer-washer water holder.  I need to get that fixed so I'll be taking a trip to the car shop to see what that might run.  It seems like it should not be expensive. They've seen me so much getting the old car on the road that maybe they'll take pity.

- I learned during my temp job how much my endurance has improved since my insulins have been changed.  I can now work all day and still have a little energy left at night.  That is such a wonderful feeling after spending 15 years being so tired you couldn't move.  If any of you have continuously tired days I would recommend that you get your blood sugar tested.  Its a very easy and not too expensive a test.  It is so worth knowing and improving the quality of your life. The Silent Killer is often referred to as blood pressure but high blood sugar affects your blood pressure, or at least from what I've read, so don't let the silent one get you.

-  I was late putting Christmas up so the clean empty spaces are still feeling good and I'm enjoying it.  First really nice day, I guess I'll have to bring the basket of knick-knacks back up.  Until then .... smile and enjoy.

- I filed my taxes on line the other day.  Pretty simple when you only have social security.  I used to always do my taxes and felt it was something I needed to understand.  Well, I don't understand much anymore except there is little to claim and little to deduct!  However, I'm still surviving and that's what matters.

- My birthday is next month.  My bestie had her birthday this month and we will be 66 together this year.  How is it possible two 20 year olds who were so cool and fun could be older than dirt?  S*%$ happens.

Well that catches you up on the doings over here.  Hope everything is going well on your side of the blog world.


  1. It is a hard adjustment to the cold when you are not use to it. Sweaters in the house are a good idea. I've always lived where it is warm, and I need a jacket if it goes below 75. I doubt I could survive where there is a real winter. I hope your car repair is not too expensive. xoxo Su

    1. Hahaha. Southerners think we are tough when we live through some awful heat but we are wimps about the cold. I was shopping with a friend once and she talked me out of buying a long sleeve shirt because she said I was always hot. It is true. I rarely wore them but I bought them because I thought I should. Now I don't have many and I'm going to have to add to my wardrobe. Yay. A reason to shop.

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    1. Sue, you've had your own rough road and I'm having mine. Life never quits sending thunderbolts our way. The little ones test us, the big ones try us, and yet we survive to do it again. I'm feeling pretty strong today and ready for what life throws my way. Fall down Seven, Stand up Eight. Right?

  3. I didn't know you are a Texan, I'm also a Texan but I have to live in Oklahoma. Once a Texan, always a Texan. Right?

    I've heard of and know so many people who have strokes from never getting their BP checked and nearly dying from blood sugar so high. My husband's thin, active cousin just died from a stroke. His BP was 255/ not sure what. He had just turned 60.

    We are not in perfect health but we keep an eye on everything and we both had semi-annual blood tests this morning,

  4. i'm having inner thermostat control problems too...
    in the opposite direction. i can't get cool enough.
    i lost my thyroid to cancer a couple of years ago. and ever since then
    i stay HOT. it's like a forever hot flash. I find myself dreading the coming summer.
    i have hardly used the heat here in the wren house all winter! they're keeping a close watch.
    and they've altered the med once. i just hope it changes my temp before our triple digits.
    i'll have to just totally hibernate in A/C this summer.
    my taxes like yours are easy. i have NOTHING to itemize! i do them on paper still.
    i know the IRS loves me for that! but til forced to... i won't be doing them online.
    and car repair is the PITTS! i was hoping you'd get a BREAK from it this year.
    do you take metformin? they just started me on that. and i'm not as tired. maybe that's why.
    never thought it was connected to blood sugar problems.
    and... i've discovered the world of INSTAGRAM!
    where have i been? i'm like you... the world of blogs and instagram is wonderful to me.
    and now... as usual. i've written war and peace here.
    nothing changes. LOL.

    1. That is the same way I felt. I think I went from menopause straight to diabetes. It improved a little but I never seemed to have cooled off again. Now I'm freezing. Hahaha. Be careful what you wish for right! I've recently discovered Instagram also. baby_blogging_boomer - send me your link

  5. the link to my peanut?
    but my email is tammyreedjames@gmail.com
    I thought i'd just add your instagram to my instagram favorites...
    same way your blog is in my favorites bar across the top of my pc.
    whatever works. definitely going to visit!

  6. (((((HUGS)))) Barbara, it is so hard to keep quiet when you can see someone you love making a huge mistake. Praying for you and for that situation.

    1. Yes, darn it. I need to turn off the "mother" button.

  7. Hi Barbara. Funny how I can relate to everything you write. Had my blood checked again yesterday...A1C and other tests. I went to bed half-dead last night and wondered. Diabetes runs in our family. Will find out more next week. Wrote letters like crazy until my Aunt Marge died. she was the last letter writer....my sister has neuropathy and can't write anymore. As for family..even when they are in their fifties they can still get into difficulties. Still what can you do.
    Put my Christmas stuff away yesterday. Made me sad to do it.

  8. Hello Barbara, Thank you for visiting and becoming a follower. I always love meeting new friends. My problem is trying to find time with several projects that have me scrunched for time. Hopefully, I'll be done by spring.

    I try not to butt in when loved ones are having a difficult time with something or taking a wrong turn, but so far I've been mostly unsuccessful.

  9. So glad you're feeling better, Barbara, and that you have more energy. Quality of life is so important. It's not easy to keep opinions and advice to ourselves when we see someone making poor choices, but when it comes to my family I don't offer any words of wisdom unless I'm asked. Which is rare. . .well more than rare. It's pretty much never. LOL By the way, I think we're about the same age. :) Hugs, Nancy

  10. Barbara,
    I am diabetic as well and also feel much more energetic when my sugars are down. The other thing that helped me so much was cutting gluten out of my diet. It was making me so sick, and still does, it was just that no one (especially me) knew why I was sick so much. It was like getting a huge burst of energy once it got out of my system. I suppose that would only work if a person truly had a problem with it, huh? I get so sick that I have no temptation to eat it. Now, if only sugar and carbs would make me feel that sick right away........:)

    We have lived through our share of problems. Hang in there.

    1. Becky, came through fine. Maybe it was just slow posting from your end. I don't think I have the Gluten problem. I already have enough problem trying to keep my meals balanced, heaven forbid I have any other problems.

  11. I guess my other attempt at commenting disappeared! If it shows up unexpectedly, don't hesitate to only publish one!

    I agree that my energy level is much better when my sugars are under control. The other thing that helped me was, when a few years ago, the doctor figured out that I was not able to handle gluten/wheat. It makes me so sick I have not temptation to eat it. Now, if only sugar made me so sick immediately........

    Family problems are so hard. Hang in there!