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Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Stroke of Good Luck

Since I have been thinking about working again and did do that temporary job, I thought I'd just better give SSA a call.  I got in big trouble with them when I went back to work two years ago and they were still sending me payments.  I didn't realize you could only make around $15,000 and then they start reducing their payments to you.  I thought they knew I was working because I was paying taxes and social security was withheld from my check.  No, they only do a yearly look back.  Consequently I owe them big bucks and you don't walk a bill from either the SSA or the IRS.  Just doesn't happen.  So I made a repayment plan and it hurt big time.

What I called to ask today was did I understand correctly that after my 66th birthday I could make as much as I could get.  The answer was yes.  Yeah. Except trying to find a job at 66 is a whole other story, but I digress.  So I was encouraged that if I could find another part-time job, I could take it.

Then I asked if there was a way I could have the payback amount reduced since I had already made a dent in the amount I owed. Yes!  They would take the balance I owed and restructure it on a 3 year payout.  Just like refinancing a car. So I will get about $150 extra each month starting in March.  Every little bit helps and I'm glad to take it.

It seems a great many of my friends and family are going through difficult circumstances. Life is just difficult sometimes and we have to hold on and do the best we can.


  1. omygosh. such good news.
    i just subscribed to your blog. i thought i already had.
    and everytime i come here after you've commented on the peanut...
    i see that i have missed some posts!!! what the?
    then i realized i HADN'T subscribed after all.
    i'll be playing catch up.
    and you're right about it being rough times. just look at the captain.
    things have GOT to go better for you this year dearest bean! they've simply got to! xo

    1. I have had that problem before - thinking I was signed up and then one day noticing I hadn't read anything from them in a long time. I seriously believe there are gremlins that come in and rearrange our phones and computers when we sleep. LOL. I'm using bloglovin' and I'm going to post about that.

  2. Replies
    1. I try. I don't always study a problem when it pops up. Sometimes I stick my head in the dirt until I have the strength but I try. I wish I was one of those people who used a planner so I could just write down problems to solve and then attack them in order of importance! No. I hide and gather my inner strength, then put on my Super Nana cape and tackle the beast.

  3. Yes, there is always something going on. Good luck with the IRS and your repayment plan.

    1. Sometimes our dread of tackling a problem is worse than actually handling it. Seems to be working better and I'm glad I finally picked up the phone and handled it.

  4. Enjoyed your blog. Lived 62 years of my life in Texas. Yes the SSA & IRS can be tough. Good luck in finding new employment.

    1. Linda, I love your blog and have signed on through bloglovin'. I've also clicked over to a bunch of the blogs you follow and found some great ones. I'm in the process of signing up and expanding my crew. LOL. Love that slang word.