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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Boring Day so far

Today is an odd day.  Last night I planned my day knowing I needed to go by the library before work since the library is closed by the time I get home.  I got up a little earlier - meaning on time - and only had one cup of coffee instead of two so I could do the library and be on the road to arrive at work on time.

Just as I was getting in the car I got a call from the office saying I didn't need to come in today because we were mostly caught up in my area.  I knew this was true and I was going to ask if I could have Friday off for that reason.

Aside from getting out the door early, I didn't mind not going in today. I took the job as a temporary position because the drive is so far.  I didn't expect to have her tell me to come in some days and not on others.  I expected a 6 hour work day as we had agreed on.  Working 12-6 but me on a better schedule to deal with the traffic.  However, I understand if you are a struggling young law firm, having employees who don't have enough work can be a problem.  However, now I'm not sure if this is going to be her practice - on and off scheduling - or if it has anything to do with pay day being tomorrow.

I have been working a long time and get a good hourly rate, but in all economies, you are paid what you are worth to the employer.  She and I didn't really get a chance to discuss my salary.  I told her what I was making previously but after I actually got there, I brought it up once and she said we would talk about it but we didn't. Crazy on my part but I just figured whatever it was would be more than I was making sitting at home.

So here I am sitting at home.  I am wondering if I will be called back.  I am wondering how much my pay will be tomorrow.  And, I am wondering what to do with the rest of my day.

I had no idea I had acclimated to my new work schedule so quickly.  I sent my friend a text this morning and said let's go play while I'm off.  She replied, "Who is this person up at the crack of dawn?"  I called my old boss and to see if he wanted to go out to lunch but he was tied up.  Gosh, I completely forgot how to be a stay home kind of person.

I'll keep looking for someone to play with and let you know if I get up to anything good.


  1. Ha! Maybe you need to work more slowly!

  2. Goodness, some people are so thoughtless. You are correct, however, they could do a better job of scheduling work. Good luck with whatever comes your way.