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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 3 on the Job

Yesterday was a hard day but I saw a little light at the end of the trouble.  Part of my problem is that the attorney I am working for is so busy she doesn't have time to sit down and walk me through everything.  I get bits and pieces at a time.  I guess that is really ok because how much can you absorb and remember at a time. Anyway, it is slow going, but I am not discouraged except that I'm used to knowing what I am doing and I can't really say that now.

The main complaint is my back.  You have three items you have to get adjusted: your chair, the keyboard level and the computer height.  I haven't gotten these set up quite right and I come home with a backache.  Part of the backache could also be tension. I'm not sure if I can do anything about that yet.

So today I will try to get my desk set up ergonomically.  I will try to relax and not tense up my back.

OMG.  Last night it rained bullets.  The freeway was not well lit and with the rain and not being familiar with the twists and turns of the road, I had a hard time seeing my lane.  LOL.  I just got to the right, drove as slow as I needed to and decided I would get home when I got home.

One other calamity.  When I got about 10 minutes from the house, the rain had eased a lot and for some reason the back side windows were fogging up so I rolled down the back passenger window to clear the fog.  I heard a groaning sound and it stopped a quarter of the way down.  Well I wasn't worried about the seat getting wet but I sure was worried that the window would be forever in the half way down position.

I called my daughter and told her I was on the way to her house.  I thought it would take two people to get the window up.  When I got there, I walked around to check it out, jiggled it a little bit and it went back up fine.  I'll have to be sure that the grandgirls don't try rolling the windows down.  It could be more trouble in the making.

Well that's what you get with an old car.  Kind of like my old body!!


  1. I hate, hate, hate driving in a downpour. And in the dark. Or the snow.

  2. Congratulations on getting trough another day! Getting adjusted to a new schedule is VERY difficult. Way to go!

  3. Nice post and I love the analogy. Have a great day!

  4. Looks like you also use Wordpress, so I don't know why sometimes the comment seems to take and sometimes it doesn't. LOve your analogy...car and self.

  5. i'm thinking of you as a pioneer woman! a modern one. but nevertheless!
    i LOVE your attitude!
    i don't see well enough at night to drive ... let alone in a downpour.
    i came home in one the last time i had to evacuate due to a tornado.
    it wasn't fun! and that was WITHOUT the window half down! LOLOL. you're so cool.