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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Do you buy more than one of items you love?

I am so guilty of buying more than one of items I like, especially clothes.  If I find a shirt I love, I buy it in all the colors it comes in that are right for me.  

Last night as I was straightening out my closet (lesson to learn: do not read organizing blogs when you are sitting around being lazy) I realized that I have very few solid shirts these days.  I also have very few of the same shirt in multiple colors.  I realize that part of the reason for this is that since I don't work, I am not entitled to keep my wardrobe looking fresh and put together, in a professional sense.  

Now some may disagree with me on that.  Those of you that disagree are probably the ones that will always look cute and put together until their dying day.  I have a friend like that.  She always looks cute.  However, on my retirement budget the need for clothes over say, dinner with friends, well, clothes have been pushed to the background.  

Too bad.  I never really liked to shop but I did love having a closet full of clothes to choose from.  

When I worked my little temp job in January I found three pairs of work slacks in my second closet. Two pairs still had the tags on.  Needless to say I was delighted that I had done my usual three at a time shopping habit.   

Although thinking about this has made me nostalgic for the old days, I think I'll probably hold off on the shopping for a while longer.  I mean anyone that has to declutter their closet is probably not in need of anything new.  


  1. Yes, I'm very bad at this. I might as well wear uniforms. Though now that I don't work I have purged and decluttered until I have very little. I no longer own a dress, skirt, slip, dress shoes, or panty hose. I use very little closet space anymore.

    1. I did find a pair of panty hose when I organized my drawers after the closed rework. I think I'll keep them just in case. I do have one dress but I don't even know if it fits! Guess I should try it on.

  2. I am guilty of buying the same shirt in different colors and even buying multiple pairs of jeans that are exactly the same style...I am a hard to fit body type so when I find something that looks and feels good on me, I buy it!

    1. Me too. I need a totally comfortable wardrobe. Come to think about it, I think I'm always there.

  3. I certainly buy tee shirts in multiple colors when I find them on sale.

    1. Yes, tees are the basics of my wardrobe. I think I will be on the watch out for a good deal too. I think a couple of bright non-washed out tees is just what I need to start summer. Since it was 76 here yesterday, I'm definitely thinking summer wardrobe.

  4. LOLOL!
    i've enjoyed this post completely.
    and you're in very good and glamorous company! because i've read that BOTH
    audrey hepburn and jackie kennedy did the same thing.
    especially jackie.
    if she liked something ...
    she would buy a dozen or more of the same style in different colors!
    i often do it too. only not a dozen!!! about two or maybe three at the most.
    and i'm always glad i did.
    and before my retirement... the last years i worked i took the wise advice of
    stylish french women. i had a 'uniform.' and i changed it up with different colored tops.
    and not a ton of colors either! just about three. if anybody noticed they didn't mention it.
    i just couldn't afford to constantly be buying clothes.
    besides. like you... i don't even like to shop! never have!

  5. Wise words. With me it is the refrigerator. I lose items, think I don't have the item, then buy it again. Duh!

  6. Do my 17 pairs of black leggings and 22 turtlenecks and 30 fleeces count? OMG yes, I do the same thing for sure!!