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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Sometimes I have to laugh at myself.  I'm somewhat lax about locking my door during the day. I know in this age of craziness we should all barricade ourselves inside but during the day I often have my door open so I can watch and hear the birds and squirrels outside.

However, when I shower, I always lock the doors and shut the windows.  Did anyone else grow up permanently traumatized by the trailer for Psycho?

Doesn't this picture make your heart beat faster.  Funny how a split second in a film can remain with you forever.  

If you're really brave, here is the trailer with music.  

Bathe well tonight ....


  1. There is a tv series now with the same characters and I can't watch it. Enough scary things in real life, I don't need to imagine more.

  2. Ha ha ... even worse than the theme from Jaws! No, we don't lock our doors during the day; but we do at night when we go to sleep

  3. The only mistake is her furrowed brow at the end. Surely when you are dead your face relaxes? Don't know, do you? I saw this film with my Mom and we nearly jumped into each others laps at this scene. Years later, I was browsing through the bookstore at Catholic University (home of the Hartke Theatre) where I found a book for a cinematography class that discussed the making of Psycho and Hitchcock's genius at film making. The viewer never sees the knife enter the body, its all illusion and make-believe. Nevertheless, yes, I am forever scarred by seeing this film.

  4. Never saw the film therefore not scarred. I am at heart a Texas country girl. I don't like locking up. Goes against my nature. Times have changed though and now when I see pictures of Texans with guns strapped to their hips I want to dive under the bed to get away from them. I'm assuming Texas is open carry now, based solely on a photo I saw yesterday of a little man with a big gun strapped to his hip. Now that is scary.

  5. i just can't! i'm not brave enough!
    i've never seen it NOR the trailer!
    but i'm like you. when i can i like to have my french doors open.

  6. HA! Well, that will give me something to think about ;)

    Happy Birthday to you :)


  7. Thanks, Barbara. I will forever be showering only when I'm not alone in the house.

  8. Ha ha I do the very same thing!! Everything is locked when I get in the shower, including my bedroom door!!

  9. I would never think of not locking my doors when I'm in the shower. It's the perfect time for someone to come in and rob a house. That happened several towns over to someone. So, lock away!!